10 Best Places to Take Out-of-Towners in NYC

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One of the greatest satisfactions of being a local in the Big Apple is having an opportunity to show it off to other people. There’s nothing we love more than showing our friends who don’t live here that there is so much more to this beautiful city than Times Square. Besides the fantastic food and a diverse crowd, this American beauty has a lot more to offer to outsiders. In addition to that, if your family and friends are visiting for the upcoming holidays, these suggestions will make their stay truly magical. So, let’s check out the ten best places to take out-of-towners in NYC.

1# Show them Rockefeller Center’s secret gardens

Sure, Rockefeller Center is a place tourists certainly don’t miss. However, only a few of them know the wonders that hide behind it. The pieces of 620 Loft and Gallery may be found at various locations on the roof of this art deco structure. This outside area has a beautiful private garden with well-trimmed foliage and stunning views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Rockefeller Center is home to five breathtaking rooftop gardens. Even though the gardens have been closed for a very long time, visitors to the Top of the Rock may still get a glimpse of three of them. Of course, make sure to dress nicely, so you get awesome pics!

Rockefeller Center is one of the best places to take out-of-towners in NYC
The magical part of Rockefeller is hidden.
photo via pexels

2# Old Town Bar – a valuable piece of history

As a true New Yorker, you should pass on seeing the Empire State Building. Instead, make sure to stop by The Old Town Bar with your guests. It’s been around for a while, and they serve tasty burgers and great cocktails. Show this beautiful place to a buddy visiting from out of town if they want to witness an authentic piece of New York history.

3# Water Street rooftop runway

Since we’re talking about history – you can find an abandoned World War I fighter jet and a concealed airstrip above the streets of the Financial District. The runway may be inoperable, but the rooftop lights may be turned on for nighttime spectators. In 1970, the groundbreaking of 77 Water Street challenged the stereotypical coldness of the office building with its innovative design. You’ll soon forget that Number 77 is simply another dull office building because of its plaza’s welcoming atmosphere, intriguing events, and courteous staff.

4# The best pizza at Rubirosa

Pizza is a popular food choice for those visiting New York City. Paris is famous for its cheese, and Australia is renowned for its sharks, kangaroo meat, and koalas. This city is also well-known for this. That being said, visitors from out of town will be happy with the experience at Rubirosa. You won’t find better pizza elsewhere in New York City, plus it’s an excellent location to hang out, which is unusual for tourist destinations.

A pizza in an oven
Everyone wants a slice of that NYC pizza!
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5# The magic of Joseph Leonard

Just imagine the Bowery Hotel if you have never heard of Joseph Leonard before. This gem hides in Waverly Place, so you might expect some wizards there too. It receives some foot traffic but nothing near what it ought to. Compared to the Bowery, this pub is far less fancy, yet it’s still delightful. There’s also a cozy fireplace to warm up next to. This is a great place to go after a spa day with the girls! Make sure to drop by if you need to theatrically burn a letter in a fireplace or for a low-key evening in Lower Manhattan.

6# Old Rose in West Village

Old Rose is where to take your pals if they want to go out in the Meatpacking District area. The Jane Hotel’s basement has a restaurant that looks like a converted ballroom. In spite of the stunning decor, most items cost less than $20. Also, there are some delicious pizzas and meatballs to die for.

7# The Smallpox Hospital – Roosevelt Island

An unconventional place to visit is the Renwick Hospital, a crumbling Gothic Revival structure covered in ivy on the southern edge of Roosevelt Island in the middle of the East River. The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission recognized the deteriorating building as significant enough to save in 1975. They added reinforcements to the walls to keep the building from collapsing, but they hadn’t refurbished it or made it available to the public.

Today, just the outside walls and the base remain. The hospital is now undergoing renovation, but its natural patina may still be appreciated before a new era in the history of the renowned smallpox hospital starts. If you really want to take your friends off the beaten track – this is a way to go.

8# Wells Steakhouse in Queens

If you want to impress your friend with an unconventional but sophisticated dinner, make sure to make a reservation at Wells Steakhouse. Hugue Dufour, the restaurant’s chef, will ensure you get the creme de la creme of this world’s finest dishes. This is one of the top restaurants in Queens and the best place to start if you want to explore the food scene of New York when you come to NYC!

chef preparing food
The chef at this restaurant will ensure this is one of the best places to take out-of-towners in NYC!
photo via pexels

9# Whisper together at the Grand Central’s whispering gallery

The whispering gallery is not just one of the most well-known hidden jewels in New York City but also one of the city’s most romantic hidden treasures. The aural impression may be found within Grand Central’s stunning architecture. Although the walls are impenetrable, noises may pass over the vaulted ceiling. As a result, if two persons stand at perpendicular arches, they may easily hear each other’s whispers.

10# La Bonbonniere

Last but not least – a pinch of French in NYC. The West Village’s Le Bonbonniere is a diner like any other, with two exceptions. They sometimes serve pancakes to celebrities and have outside seating in the summer. This is a great place to end your girls’ trip in. Make sure to stop here for a cheap French toast and bacon meal while you and your friends peruse the celebrity images on the walls.

Check out some of these places to take out-of-towners in NYC!

Now you know where to go. Make sure to check out some of these places to take out-of-towners in NYC with your friends as soon as possible! 

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