15 Best Healthy Restaurants in NYC

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Guest Post by Jassica Mendez

New York City is any gourmand’s dream come true. There are so many different restaurants to choose from that deciding where to dine can be difficult for anyone. Some restaurants serve local dishes while others focus on international cuisine. Some provide greasy spoon dishes, while others target folks who keep track of their calories and try to have a balanced diet. And that last category is what this article is all about. So, if you are interested in healthy food and healthy eating, here is a list of some of the best healthy restaurants in NYC.

  1. Le Botaniste

This little gem you can find on Lexington Avenue and another few locations in NY. The main attraction of this restaurant is that all the dishes served here are plant-based. It’s botanical, organic, gluten-free food for the body and soul. The menu is diverse and includes bowls, starters, desserts, and even wines. And to give you an idea of what you could eat, here are some examples. Their green pea hummus with gluten-free crackers is a good idea for an entree. Continue with Tibetan Mama, a rice bowl with curry sauce and steamed greens that will make you lick your fingers. End your meal with a healthy dessert such as the Red Fruit Chia Pudding. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  1. Blossom

If you are more into Italian food, Blossom should be the restaurant of your choice. This restaurant originated in Chelsea and now has three locations and a bakery. The menu is made with organic, locally sourced, and animal-free ingredients. At Blossom, you can have a taste of Caesar salad with shitake bacon, tofu lasagna, or a wild mushroom pizza. Additionally, you can have a tasty dessert made of coconut milk mascarpone served with espresso and vanilla. Yup, you guessed it. It’s the vegan version of Tiramisu. 

  1. abcV

This restaurant revolutionized vegan and vegetarian food and brought it to a new level. Every plate prepared by the chefs is well-balanced, creative, and nutritious. You can have spinach spaghetti with broccoli, beluga lentils with yams, or roasted asparagus with olives and basil. Every dish looks impeccable and will leave your mouth watering. Moreover, the homemade sorbets and organic coffee selection will end your culinary experience on a high note. 

A plate with asparagus and other ingredients on it. 
Asparagus is a nutritious vegetable available in most healthy restaurants in NYC.
Photo via unsplash
  1. Loving Hut

This restaurant offers healthy diet options that can help save the planet plate by plate. As many food ingredients are not cruelty-free, Loving Hut ensures they use exclusively natural, fresh, plant-based ingredients. Here you can try a delicious butternut squash risotto, vegan burgers, or even vegan mac and cheese. “Vegan cuisine made with love” is their motto, and you can really taste the love in every bite. And it is that flavor of love that can convince you to pack your things and relocate to Brooklyn. 

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  1. Avant Garden

If the plating is as essential as the ingredients, Avant Garden is the place to go. This restaurant offers sophisticated vegan cuisine choices with gorgeous arrangements on plates. Furthermore, most dishes have a unique twist that you will love. For instance, you can have a toast with whipped tofu and tarragon or a baked sweet potato with lemon. Exquisite, innovative, and delicious!

  1. The Little Beet

The most exciting part about this restaurant is that you can make your own salad with the ingredients provided. For instance, you need to choose a base that can be rice, quinoa, or fried greens. Then, you can add some veggies. Beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, and beets are just some examples. Continue by adding a protein that can be tofu, roasted chicken, or salmon, and pick a sauce of your liking. Finish by choosing one of the four garnishes, and voilà. Your custom salad is ready!

  1. The Butcher’s Daughter

This restaurant is on this list for its ability to treat veggies like meat. All the ingredients in the dishes are natural and healthy and help create perfect combinations to feed your cravings. For instance, you can have a portion of stir-fried sugar snap peas or rosemary roasted pee wee potatoes. Additionally, you can taste the Butcher’s Bowl which contains delicious adzuki bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and poached eggs. 

  1. Boqueria

Tapas at Boqueria is not your only option if you are a fan of Spanish food. This restaurant has a selection of healthy meals for the entire family to enjoy. For instance, you can have a portion of patatas bravas, ensalada de rucula y peras, or escalivada. All dishes are prepared on the spot, using only natural and fresh ingredients.

  1. Bareburger

Healthy restaurants in NYC are not all vegan or vegetarian. For instance, Bareburger offers a great selection of burgers with great meat. All the meat is antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and comes from grass-fed animals. Furthermore, you can choose from beef, turkey, bison, or even elk meat. The buns and wraps are prepared using plant-based ingredients and are, above all, tasty. Try the Supreme Burger, and you will understand what a healthy burger is all about.

A burger on a wooden surface in one of the best healthy restaurants in NYC
Burgers shouldn’t be taboo when talking about healthy eating. If made with organic ingredients, it’s OK to eat them from time to time.
Photo via pexels
  1. Beyond Sushi

This plant-based eatery is one of the most famous healthy restaurants in NYC. What is so great about it? Well, they managed to transform a dull veggie roll into a masterpiece. For instance, here, you can have a mango roll with black rice that is sweet and spicy at the same time. Or, you can indulge in a wrap with sweet potato, kimchi, and vegetable noodles. And don’t get us started on the mouthwatering salads made with seaweed, nuts, avocado, palm hearts, cucumbers, or alfalfa sprouts.

  1. Honeybrains

Did you know that there are foods that can give your brain a boost? Honeybrains’ chefs collaborate closely with a neurologist and a nutritionist to create the best dishes for feeding your brain. They prepare everything from breakfast and snacks to brain bowls and salads. For example, you can have a vegan burrito bowl with kale, spinach, avocado, salsa, rice, pico de gallo, and corn tortilla crisps. It’s just as delicious as it sounds. Plus, it will power up your brain.

  1. Egg Shop

The owners’ fondness for egg sandwiches inspired the creation of this family restaurant. The primary purpose of this restaurant is to demonstrate the versatility of eggs and how they can complement other meals. For example, you may try the El Capitan burrito, which has egg scramble, pinto beans, corn, jalapeño, salsa, Jack cheese, and sour cream. Or an avocado and egg sandwich with crispy shallots, za’atar, feta, and lemon. These are just two dishes that will completely change your opinion on eggs. 

Two slices of toast with avocado, eggs, and pomegranate.
Eggs are a great source of protein, and the Egg Shop uses them in every meal.
Photo via pexels
  1. Pokeworks

This Hawaiian restaurant uses only sustainably sourced ingredients to prepare traditional recipes. Chicken, salmon, tuna, and tofu are all present on their menu. All the dishes are prepared with love and care to create the best Hawaiian experience on your plate. So try a tuna with green sweet onion bowl or a bowl with seared albacore and mango. Hawaiian food has never tasted better. 

  1. Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

Among the healthy restaurants in NYC, we have a Mexican entry. Jajaja is a vegan restaurant that puts a twist on traditional Mexican recipes. For instance, you can try their jackfruit tamales, a coconut queso quesadilla, or a Breaky Burrito. These foods look Mexican, taste Mexican, and are also healthy.

  1. Lekka Burger

Want some more healthy burgers? No problem, Lekka Burger has you covered. This restaurant uses a plant-based burger concept to create healthy options for its clients. The burgers are made fresh every day with nutritious ingredients in clever combinations. For instance, you have the Guacamole Burger with black beans, cilantro, jalapeno, radishes, and lettuce. Or, the Masala Burger with yummy coconut chutney, tamarind ketchup, and a papadum. So, if you are looking for a healthy and tasty burger, Lekka is your restaurant of choice. 

Final Words

As you can see, eating healthy in New York is not impossible. You can choose from many healthy restaurants in NYC and discover new tastes. So, pick your favorite and try it out, or try all of them. You won’t be disappointed.

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