Bratislava, Slovakia

Not the first place you think of for a Euro trip, nonetheless Bratislava is a quaint town with tons of character. I’m definitely type that loves a good tour, however as a last minuet additional destination, this city is definitely easy to navigate and do-able in a day. These are the can’t miss sights that I would recommend.

  • Bratislava Castle
    • Definitely the main attraction in Bratislava, the castle has gorgeous grounds, and views of the entire city. You can even see Vienna (connected to Bratislava by the UFO bridge) in the distance.
  • Stari Grad – Old town
    • Not completely unlike every other European “old town” that you have seen, but still has enough of its own charm to make it worth adding to your list. While walking around we stumbled upon Pink Garden Cafe. Such a cute place to grab a coffee and something sweet while getting in those insta worthy pics. It definitely attracts the hip tourists and locals alike. Also make sure to visit “Cumil the sewer worker”, another landmark in town and surely not the typical statue you’ve seen time and time again.

Outfit Details:

Leather Jacket: Express

Top: This one happens to be a sample however linked are some other similar options



Jeans: Level 99

Sneakers: Adidas Superstar Originals



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