Some things to see and do in Copenhagen

It was hard to leave Scotland, and quite honestly we didn’t have any real expectations for Copenhagen. How wrong could we be…

Copenhagen was beautiful!!! Another place that we did not want to leave. And this time we had two days to spend, although I would have gladly tagged on more. Until I get to go back, here are some things we saw and did in Copenhagen this time around.


Kastellet is a preserved fort and is a cute, enjoyable, and historical walk in the park(literally).

Christianborg Palace

Home to the three branches of government.

The Little Mermaid

The Statue based on the fairy tale. It depicts a mermaid becoming human.

Copenhagen is so preserved and clean, not really the place for vandalism or ruggedness. However there are certain areas where the architecture and street art proves innovative and modern.

Changing of the guards
Amalienborg – crossing of the guards

Home of the Danish royal family


Christiana is a modern day hippie village. Unlike its surroundings, it abides by its own way of life and is definitely worth checking out for a more chill experience.

Restaurant Puk

Our first meal was at Restaurant Puk and was such a cool experience. We tried the tasting menu which gave us 7 courses of different traditional Danish foods. Denmark is known for their open faced sandwiches so generally we assembled what was brought out to us as intended. Here is what was included.

  • Herring Fillet stirred with sour cream, Krone aquavit, and dill
  • Fried breaded fillet of plaice served with homemade remoulade, lemon, and dill
  • Warm pork liver pate served with bacon and picked beetroots
  • Slices of roasted pork served with picked red cabbage and vegetables (NOTE EAT THE CRISPY SALTED SKIN- IT IS THE BEST PART)
  • Brie cheese with grapes
  • Homemade marinated salmon with sweet mustard sauce

Overall we left full and satisfied. Everything was tasty and if you end up making the trip over, ask for sexy eyes to be your waiter 😉

Det Lille Apotek

The food was AMAZING at Det Lille Apotek and very traditional. The restaurant has never been renovated and all the paintings and furniture is originally how it was when opening. A great authentic experience with helpful and friendly service.

With some award winning cocktails under their belt, Curfew Bar is an excellent choice for a drink. The cocktails were all delicious, served in their own themed cups and the vibe was very cool. Think 1920s jazz club with a modern twist. I tried the First Aid cocktail.

Another thing Nordic countries are known for are their hot dogs and sausages. DO NOT SKIP OUT ON THESE. They are so far from your average. Take their recommendation and add all of the toppings, you won’t regret it. We picked up ours in front of the Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world!

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