Fenty’s First Collection & What I think about it

Rihanna just cant stop wont stop. After successfully launching Fenty Beauty, and collaborating with Puma, Rihanna set out on her own luxury clothing venture under LVMH.

This collection by Rihanna definitely seems in line with a certain branding she has created for herself. Not one piece is far off from styles that Rihanna would wear, or has already worn.

There are 18 items, mostly neutral tones and a soft pink, and a strong emphasis on the suit and button down (but naturally, with an edgy Rihanna twist). I love the subtle additions like the positioning of the pockets in the second image and the new trend of the fanny pack illusion.

While there is structure in the pieces, that structure is definitely not slim fit and this boxier look is suitable for a wide variety of body types. The corset in the blazer and dresses accentuates just the right places. The broad shoulder is a reoccurring theme throughout the collection as well, and the tulip pant and slacks hybrid is another interesting spin Rihanna revealed. There is really great cohesion in this line. She also launched accessories such as hats and sunglasses which compliment the rest of her designs.

I find the collection to have an essence of sporty streetwear but still have a girly sophistication. I also think that while there is a simplicity in the styles, they are definitely unique and stand out. I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to shopping especially when I love so many of the styles and have nothing else like them in my closet, but if I had to pick…I would say the white corset blazer (styled exactly as is as a mock dress) or the pin stripe shirtdress with those specially placed pockets are my favorites.

What are your thoughts on Rihannas first collection?

Shop Fenty here.


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