Last minuet outfit tip: Red Skirt Set: TAO Downtown

Last minuet nights out can always be a little stressful, especially when hitting a trendy spot like NYC’s TAO Downtown. I think an easy fix is to create your own set. Bandage skirts are generally a really flattering way to go. They suck you in all the right places and accentuate your curves in the right places as well. Matching it to the same color crop top kind of makes the pairing effortless, especially since these happened to be the same shade of red. Turtlenecks also make me feel sexy, in ways that aren’t too revealing. A simple nude strap heel and you’re all set — Outfit complete, a go to bronzy, neutral makeup look and you are out the door. The colors and combinations are limitless, it really is about what you are working with in your closet at the last minuet.

Last minuet…kind of like how I put this post together. Sorry for the bit of inconsistency. With the long holiday weekend on the fourth I got a bit sidetracked but we should be back on schedule going forward. As always thanks for reading 😘

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