PSA: Summer in Greece 2019 is HAPPENING

So it is official. I am going to Greece for a month! Starting…..2 weeks from yesterday! Scrambling to get things organized is definitely an understatement. Between the blog, work, packing, and planning I am a little in over my head trying to get this all together. Let’s just say it will all be worth it in the end. Especially when I have some great content share with you guys during and after the trip! Be sure to follow me on instagram @angelica_e for more of a play by play with that and some awesome pics.

As of right now the plan is looking as follows:

Athens (of course) where I kind of chill and hang out with my family. It’s going to be nice to have a few days to settle in and still get some work done. Although summer in Athens isn’t a first choice, it definitely isn’t bad. There are some great beach clubs to check out and really good food as well. A few days after I arrive, my friend will be joining me and we will shortly after leave for PAROS (maybe a day trip in Naxos). She unfortunately only has a week off so when we head back I have some figuring out to do. I have 10 days where as of now, are completely open and unplanned which has got me completely stressed out. August 15 is also a major holiday in Greece so I definitely need to get a move on in deciding. Hopefully within the next few days everything will fall into place with that as well. A likely option for me will be visiting my cousins home on the island Symi and maybe hopping over to Rhodes to spend a few days with my friends. The last part of my trip is going to be on the island of Ikaria and Sammos. A good friend of mine is from Ikaria, so surely she will give me the full and authentic experience.

As I prepare for the trip, please let me know what you’d want to see as far as travel planning. I was thinking of including an updated makeup bag (this is definitely not a one week trip style bag), a carry on essentials, skin care, pack with me….
Really whatever you guys want to see I am opening to writing up.

Wish me luck! 😊🤞🏼


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