Samos: 4 Beaches 1 Day and a Half

Let me preface by saying that Samos was an absolutely beautiful island, and I am sure whatever beach you find yourself at will be stunning. However in our short day and a half, we only had time for these four. Each was gorgeous and I am so happy to have made the time to visit.

Kaladakia Beach

A small beach with amazing water but the real showstopping moment was swimming and hanging out in this cave.

Kokari Beach

At the end of the adorable Kokari town, this beach also has stunning waters and is close to where all the action is.

Lemonaki Beach

Another beach close to Kokari, more stunning waters! Also a nice seaside taverna.

Navagos Beach

Next on the strip, Navagos. At the risk of being so repetitive, the water here was also perfect but I would say definitely the “hippest” of the bunch. Louder more loungy music to enjoy a cocktail to, with a big beach bar/club near by that even has a pool of you should be interested.


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