Estee Lauder Product Review: Bronze Goddess Palette and More

I have to say, throughout this pandemic, makeup has not been a high priority of mine. I haven’t been THAT up to date on many new releases or have been experimenting much.  However, pre-covid I did do a little duty free shopping and picked up these products from Estee Lauder. After playing around with them here and there, and especially now as things begin to open up and I get out a little more, I have been able to give these products a good test. I never really tried out much from Estee Lauder before now, but I have come to realize that this is such a great line and I am definitely interested in trying out more. Bronze Goddess Desert Heat Palette This is such a great palette for the summer, and even fall and spring. As expected by the name “desert heat”, this palette obviously leans towards warmer tones and bronzes, but realistically that is what most of us wear on a day to day basis anyway. The pigmentation is great and the blendablity is amazing. The palette is such great quality, you would really have to try hard to not end up with a good look. The … Continue reading Estee Lauder Product Review: Bronze Goddess Palette and More