Punta Cana Nights + Island Vacation Style And Shopping

As I mentioned, to plan a trip in under 11 hours, I had to get my bag together pretty fast. However, it turned out to be surprisingly easy. My first tropical resort vacation and I definitely got into the theme. I think trips like this the are definitely the time to have fun with your fashion choices, and the perfect climate to do so too. I kept it colorful and brought out the prints but paired it with pieces that were pretty easy to style and grounded the looks from being too busy. I kept it loose on the bottom with these palazzo and tulip pants (love that sexy slit), and paired them with basic tops, but that still brought out the pop of color. Little to no accessories, partially because I forget them, and also because they are not needed. The prints and colors steal the show and you don’t necessarily need to many “extras” to feel like you have a complete look. A style tip I have when going for the colorful or fun print bottoms is to pull out a corresponding color from what you’re working with on the bottoms. For example the blue top goes with … Continue reading Punta Cana Nights + Island Vacation Style And Shopping