How To: The Sheer Mesh Top Trend At Grana Jamesport

Organic and locally sourced restaurant Granna on the North Fork of Long Island is such an exceptional spot serving up wood fire pizzas and homemade pastas. For starters the indoor decor is beautiful. Imagine dining in a little art gallery in Italy with floor to ceiling wall murals and paintings hanging from the ceiling. It almost transports you to a small trattoria in Italy but with a more modern feel, and the food absolutely did not disappoint. What I loved about the cuisine was that it definitely stayed true to the Italian roots, but all three dishes were quite unlike anything else you would get in a typical Italian restaurant. Everything was unique, inventive, well executed, and most importantly delicious. This artichoke salad was perfection, with tender delicious artichokes and a perfectly seasoned arugula salad. While there are a bunch of great salad options, I definitely can vouch for this one. Pasta cooked to the perfect consistency, well coated with sauce, and they were definitely not stingy on the lobster. The crispy fried shrimp was also a really nice addition and added good texture. This dish was so flavorful and while there may be lobster or seafood pastas out there, … Continue reading How To: The Sheer Mesh Top Trend At Grana Jamesport