Earth Day In Upstate NY + Eyelet Poplin Blouse Trend

Happy Earth Day! What better way to appreciate how gorgeous of planet we live on than spending some time out in nature. One thing I love about New York is that we really do have it all. A city of hustle and bustle but also places Upstate to completely retreat. It was amazing to be surrounded by so much green and take in the Spring weather. You can really unplug and find joy in the simple things. In these simple moments it is good to reflect on all the things that have happened in the world, to appreciate all we have, and realize how important it is to take care of and maintain these things. I will say that if there has been one up side to COVID, it is that less traffic and industrial work has given a chance for nature to heal, something it desperately needed. While this is by no means my area of expertise I encourage everyone to do their part in protecting the earth and our environment. The Earth Day Website is one place to start, but little actions you take every day could make all the difference also. Margaretville Now to something that I … Continue reading Earth Day In Upstate NY + Eyelet Poplin Blouse Trend