Tour Through Tuscany: San Gimignano

Hello impromptu Euro trip. I recently got the privledge to explore beautiful Tuscany and I am so excited to share with you all these beautiful small cities, the gorgeous landscapes, and of course some styling ideas throughout. It was a quick one, very in and out, but trust me when I say any amount of time you can devote in Tuscany is worth it. First up on the list is San Gimignano. Let me start off by saying, it is such a must to just kind of walk around and get lost. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site preserving 14 of its towers throughout wars and catastrophes, as well as it’s medieval architecture. The towers of San Gimignano is the cities most known attribute, however there are many gorgeous churches such as the Collegiata, various museums such as the Museum of Torture (displaying methods of medieval tortue), as well as tons of beautiful art galleries, shops, and places to eat and drink. I didn’t get a chance this trip but I believe it is a must to climb the Torre Grossa and to visit the Rocca which has gorgeous views of the city and countryside. Every piazza and side … Continue reading Tour Through Tuscany: San Gimignano