Greece Travel 2021 Need to Knows + Kalamos Island

Happy September Everyone!This month I have such exciting content coming. I am recapping my travels through Greece, and given the COVID19 situation I was still able to see a lot. Although those end of summer woes may be settling in, there is no need to have FOMO. September is actually a great month to visit Greece as a lot of the tourists begin to leave and the weather is still beautiful. Not to mention, everything will be a lot cheaper. Some housekeeping and need to knows about traveling in Greece during this time, or at least in my experience this year. To enter Greece you must show a negative COVID19 test or proof of vaccination. Traveling domestically (be it by ferry or by plane) also requires proof of vaccination or a negative COVID19 test. Both PCR and rapids are accepted. Many events and indoor venues have also been requiring proof of vaccine but this seems to be a subjective issue right now and not enforced everywhere. Since the weather is still beautiful, participating in outdoor activities is still easy to manage, however it is definitely worth looking further into the regulations of where you will be staying.Certain areas and islands … Continue reading Greece Travel 2021 Need to Knows + Kalamos Island