Summer In Greece 2021: Unknown Gem Mytikas

Even more under the radar than Kalamos (click here for more) is Mytika, a small town on mainland Greece with so much beauty and charm. Mytika is one of those places that definitely hits the reset button for you. It is quaint but has everything you need from nice beaches, cute tavernas and cafes, and a warm welcoming ambience that definitely screams more authentic Greece live like the locals experience, than the hustle and bustle tourist traps and islands that most people often visit. It is definitely what many people would consider a vacation – no itineraries or pressures to see and do things. Just a place to enjoy at your leisure and live life in it’s natural simplicity. Mytikas Beach A really nice beach conveniently located near the town of Mytika. Although it can get pretty crowded, there is lots of space and also a small cafe for beverages as well. A second option to swim not too far away is Paliourias Beach bar. This one has a fresh water current that keeps the water a lot icier and more refreshing than many of your other options in Greece as a whole. The beach area is a smaller than … Continue reading Summer In Greece 2021: Unknown Gem Mytikas