Baccarat Hotel And Grand Salon Bar NYC

I am grateful enough to really get around and have many amazing experiences lately. However, there is luxury, and then there is Baccarat, and I haven’t been this impressed with a NYC location in a long time. Baccarat Hotel has really set the bar higher, and is now one of my FAVORITE spots in New York. There is something so elegent and special about this hotel. It is truly all in the small details and Baccarat has a very high level atmosphere. The decor is beyond impeccable, and the service is unparallel. It is classic but still modern, far from any archaic vision you’d have of stuffy aristocracy. I spent most of my time in the Grand Salon although the hotel does have other locations to dine and of couse the common amenaties of any hotel such as a spa( La Mer), pool, etc. If this is a staycation experience, you’ll definitely be shelling out a pretty penny, but I will say even for someone who did not spend the night, visiting this hotel is an experience. The Grand Salon has quite the extensive menu for not being much of a sit down meal and they also have a very … Continue reading Baccarat Hotel And Grand Salon Bar NYC