Must See in NYC: The Summit One Vanderbilt

One of the coolest experiences I have had lately has been the Summit at One Vanderbilt. This immersive art exhibit features a multi-level, 65,000 square-foot entertainment space on the tallest building in midtown Manhattan. I think one thing I that I love most about this project was that it came at the perfect timing for New York City, proving our resiliency and that we still offer experiences unlike any other in the world. As you go through the experience there are different installations including Air, a multi room exhibit with all the amazing reflections and effects, and thrilling portions entitled Levitation and Ascent which have you feeling like your literally hovering above the bustling streets of New York. As I went through the experience, I can honestly say that every single room is special and will leave you so excited and mesmerized. While I didn’t get to eat, the Summit also boasts a wonderful culinary experience and bar located on the final part of the “tour” on the roof deck. I think that there is definitely something for everyone and this could be a great family friendly outing too, as long as no one is sensitive to lights, has motion sickness, … Continue reading Must See in NYC: The Summit One Vanderbilt