Escape The Cold Long Weekend Trip: South Beach

South Beach sees it’s biggest influx of crowds definitely around the time of Spring Break and festival season. I definitely wouldn’t call this an off season, but actually a pretty perfect time to avoid the pricier airfare, massive crowds (especially younger ones), and avoiding hurricane season and unpredictable weather as well. Many say South Beach lost its luster over the years and that it is no longer the hotspot of the South Florida area. While this may be true, I definitely think there are some hot spots remaining including one of my favorites I discovered from the whole trip. Keep reading below for more. So I believe it is Ocean Drive that is the main strip that became a little overrated, like where the Versace mansion is located and the street closest to the water. I won’t lie, I agree. It definitely isn’t the vibe or the crowds I prefer to be around but yea you can go take your photo by the mansion, walk the strip with lots of tourist focused bars and restaurants with all those cheesy drink deals etc. I much preferred Lincoln Drive. There is lots of shopping to do and boutiques with beautiful stuff. You … Continue reading Escape The Cold Long Weekend Trip: South Beach