New Long Island Hotspot: Bijou110

If you’re familiar with Long Island, especially when it comes to the more high end spots out here, that restauranter Anthony Scotto must be behind it. With successful locations such as Rare650, Insignia Prime Steak & Sushi, Blackstone Steakhouse, , One10 Modern Italian Steakhouse, and Opus Steakhouse, Bijou is his newest venture and a little experimentation with a new fusion menu of Modern American Asian and French influences. Just opening in December, I knew I had to check it out. I went on a Friday night recently and sure did have an experience. For starters, the location is HUGE, quite frankly I may even be uncertain to how big. There is a large bustling bar and even an area that turns into a dance floor later on, a main dining area, and some banquet rooms that are used for private events. The decor is stunning. Very modern elegant and chic with lot’s of Instagram worthy spots. When I visited there was a DJ making your dinner more of like a club outing and dinner a 2-1 which I don’t find to be a bad thing at all, especially in Long Island where a lively scene isn’t too easy to find. I … Continue reading New Long Island Hotspot: Bijou110