NYC Eats: Spanish Tapas At Boqueira

Boqueria is kind of hard to miss in a lot of locations. I mean a huge rose arch way in the middle of NYC says a lot. But I am so happy that it caught my attention because I am absolutely obsessed with this place now. For starters, I love tapas and shareable plates in general. It is my preferred method when dining out because I love trying a bunch of things and am a bad decision maker. So the Spanish style tapas of Boqueria already has me intrigued. You’ll be happy to know that the food and the sangria did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact I am completely obsessed with it. Not a single thing on the menu was bad, not even eh so-so. Each thing that we ordered was delicious and spoiler if you can’t tell by my enthusiasm, I highly recommend this place and all the food that I tried. I have a new addition to stuffed dates and it all started here. That sweet savory combo was just perfect. They come together and you’ll love them both. They are so rich, decadent and flavorful I can’t say enough good things. Another winner in my … Continue reading NYC Eats: Spanish Tapas At Boqueira