Long Island Eats: Dirty Taco & Tequila

The inspiration for this concept claims to have been Los Angeles taco truck meets Miami liquor stand with an urban feel. Mexican food meets Asian food. Dirty Taco has definitely been a spot that hass received tons of hype with multiple locations now popping up on the island. Let me start off my experience saying that I completely loved the vibe. I think the description they gave was right on the money. It felt very urban with that colorful graffiti decor and food cart style food. It definitely felt hip like where the cool kids come out to play. The servers were super fun, helpful, and even funny and entertaining making for a really nice overall experience. Here’s a little more on the food rundown First things first the margaritas are excellent, so definitely start off with one of those, and there are lot’s of great and unique options to choose from. I tried the spicy blood orange. For an appetizer we went with the Asian styled wings which definitely have a lot going on and are unlike your typical nachos. Every bite is a surprise and it comes across as a flavor profile that you cant really pin point … Continue reading Long Island Eats: Dirty Taco & Tequila