3 Of The Most Famous Drinks In NOLA

Viewer discression advised, this post may contail some offensive content, but that goes without saying, NOLA isn’t known for it’s high class aesthetic, especially on Bourbon Street. You’re bound to see some things you wish you can unsee and a little roudiness. BUT. I highly encourage you to visit with an open mind. Enjoy and laugh with the best of them, within your limits and reason of course. After all it is all part of the experience. New Orleans is the birthplace of so many famous cocktails and foods. Here are three of the cocktails I tried out during this trip. Rest assured I will be back to try out the ones I missed (Sazerac amongst them).

Hurricane – Pat O’Briens

This world famous rum cocktail originated here in New Orleans at Pat O’Briens. The story goes that it was during the World War when rum was cheap and plentiful. The cocktail is rum based mixed with passion fruit and other fruit juices, and served in a hurricane lamp glass (hence the name). The drink sure is sweet but it is worth the experience when visiting New Orleans. I also recommend checking out the dueling piano show at Pat O’Briens. Website: here.


NOLA, known for excessive drinking and debauchary, makes this foot long daquiri part of the full experience when you come to visit. As there is no open container laws here, it’s great to pick up one of these obnoxious drinks to walk around with as you do your sight seeing.

Purple Voodoo – Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Of the three this one was probably my favorite. A frozen daquiri with some kind of grape flavor that definitely wasn’t as sweet as the previous two drinks I tried. It originated at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop which is debated to be the oldest bar in the entire United States and has been around since the 1700s! Once again, it is one of those structures in which seems to have never, if only minimally been renovated, and feels so authentic and unique. This place is worth visiting regardless of what you decide to order. Website: here.

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