Blue Monochrome Summer Style Inspiration

Serafina in the sky

Well after all the lilac series posts, surprise surprise, I leaned toward another monochrome moment featuring shades of blue. Now while I don’t know if this will be a series just yet, if you havn’t noticed I do love keeping things simple playing around with different variations of the same color. As Ive mentioned a few times, styling in the same color family is really effortless. Every so often I like to play with my accessories and a chunky necklace is one that elevates any look. I did change it up however by playing with some fun makeup like adding this pop of pink lipstick to contrast the blues in the look and it also coincidentally matched my nail color also.

A fun little tip in general is to utilize your nail color and nail art to change up and add to your look.

Also funny enough, this post is so nostalgic, it is even taken at the same location but shot inside the Serafina in the Sky rooftop. While I still have yet to eat here, I can say that it definitely is a vibe and clearly a great spot for some nice Instagram worthy pictures. I was visiting for a fashion show event hosted by Dimitri Manuel from New York Fashion TV but lately there seems like there is always something going on over there.

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