Broadway Lately, Winter 2024 Shows

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To start the year, I have had an incredible month making my way through an incredible and extensive list of the shows you can find on Broadway lately. Each was so unique and really wonderful in their own ways.

The Classic: Chicago

A classic that has been on Broadway for over 25 years! For good reason Chicago is a really entertaining show about fame, or shall we say infamy, and s sort of twisted sense of girl power presented in a seductive way. From the story line to the musical hits, this is an all around winner (for a PG13 audience).

The New Kid On The Block: How To Dance In Ohio

How to Dance In Ohio is newer to the Broadway roster and one of those fantastic feel good shows with an upbeat and positive message that was perfect to start off the new year. Focused around autistic individuals as they navigate challenges of living with their disability you come to realize how much each of us can relate in our own lives as we deal with taking risks, and breaking past what is comfortable for us.

The Off Broadway: The Perfect Game

The Off-Broadway show The Perfect Game was a really cute pick for sports lovers, such as myself, and anyone looking for a little easy to digest and fun musical. It was also in fact very educational too, and presents the origins, and ins and outs of basketball wrapped up in a great story line. Another production with an underlying message to takeaway, but I’ll let you find out for yourself.

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