Everything You Need To Know About Barbiecore

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The pretty pink trailblazer, Barbie, is here to influence fashion and beauty (again). Check out everything you need to know about Barbiecore and prep for the hot pink invasion. You don’t want to miss this post.

What Is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is the pretty-in-pink aesthetic associated with the loveable doll, Barbie! Mattel’s “it girl” is a trendsetter with cool clothes and fashionable accessories. Her signature bright pink shades are feminine and fun. Barbiecore is all about embracing hues like hot pink, bubblegum pink, fuchsia, and neon pink. Barbie likes vibrant colors and aims to create bright and pretty looks.

Barbiecore goes far beyond wearing pink. The essence of this aesthetic relies on self-expression, big ideas, optimism, and positivity. If you’re familiar with Barbie movies, you’re aware of Barbie’s can-do, outgoing, and friendly personality. The fictional fashion icon is a good (and stylish) person from the inside out!

Why Is Barbiecore Popular?

An important thing you need to know about Barbiecore is that the trend made a comeback during the summer of 2022. Pictures circulated of Margot Robbie on the set of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie (hitting theaters in 2023). The excitement carried onto social media as people paid homage to the character in bright pink outfits. As of now, the trend is here to stay.

How To Get the Look

Trendsetters, beauty gurus, and designers predicted the rise of Barbiecore this year. In fact, Barbiecore is on the list of nail trend predictions for 2023. The hot pink look is in, and it’s time to embrace the trend. You’ll find celebrities like Lizzo, Anne Hathaway, and Harry Styles rocking hot pink fits.

However, Barbiecore is for everyone! The best part is that it’s a simple “look” to achieve because there is only one requirement: bright pink. Make a subtle statement with hot pink accessories like handbags and scarves, or go all out in a completely pink outfit—the choice is up to you.

You can even consider pink highlights with clip-in extensions if you’re interested in Barbiecore-like hair. Ultimately, it’s all about incorporating hot pink into your style in a way that you love.

Is Barbiecore Exclusive to Fashion?

Consider Barbiecore as a way of life, not just a fashion style. For starters, pink furniture decals add a touch of color to rooms. By placing pink pillows on your couch and bed you can take a dull, boring room, to a whole new level. You can also revamp your travel bag and suitcase with pink luggage. Picture it now, strutting through the airport in true Barbie style, you’ll be almost guaranteed to turn heads with fascination!

Think Pink!

Barbiecore represents optimism and positivity. As you navigate life, obstacles and new experiences may feel scary. However, you must put your best foot forward and stride with confidence. As you wear hot pink, be unapologetic and live an authentic life. This style is all about creating memories and becoming the best version of yourself!

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