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Kos Town is the capital of Kos and the major city center of the island. As mentioned in my last post, Kos is the culmination of many cultures, and all have remnants in Kos Town. There is the Asklepieion(ancient medical center) the ancient agora, Dionysus altar, all from Hellenic times, Casa Romana from the Roman period, and various mosques left by the Ottomans. There are also so many beautiful churches, museums and locations to visit as well as ruins and things to discover simply by walking around and stumbling upon them.

Kos Town is comprised into a few parts. There is the harbour, catering more to tourists with places to purchase your excursions, restaurants, and bars. From the harbour there are meandering streets leading you to the cobbled stone streets of Nafklirou and to Eletherias Square, which also caters to the tourism and has more cheap eats and souvenir shops. Old Town Kos is also connected to the center and is a block or two of stone streets with more put together higher end shops, and nicer restaurants and tavernas.

Also be sure to visit the Plane tree of Hippocrates where he was said to have lectured his students. The tree is now over 500 years old and held up by scaffolds so it may not be the most photogenic spot anymore but is still really amazing to see.

Agia Pareskevi

Unfortunately Kos has underwent many disasterous earthquakes over the years so many of the landmarks and historical locations have either been severely damaged, or completely destroyed. What you might find is that certain locations may be closed as they conduct their repairs. As you can see in the photos behind me, this church is still undergoing repairs from the most recent earthquake in 2017.

Where to Eat In Kos


Arap Restaurant is in the Kos district of Platani and serves up traditional Turkish food. Keep in mind, Kos is very closely situated to Turkey, so it was no surprise that the food here was delicious and very authentic. Some of the dishes we tried were the vegetables in yogurt sauce, the rice pilaf, hummus with fresh pitas, and deep fried cheese in filo dough. Also not photographed was the absolutely delicious mixed meat platter we had with different Turkish kebabs. The ambience is beautiful and warm at Arap with a staff that makes you feel welcome and like you are having dinner at a family members house. I definitely recommend it.


An upscale and trendy lounge/bar/restaurant situated right on the water. It was the perfect spot to close out the night with a tasty and beautiful cocktail.


Petrino was a spot we stumbled upon walking through Kos Town with no plan in mind. However walking past it you immediately notice the gorgeous decor. It feels very romantic and elegant but also very relaxed and inviting as well. It is like a little oasis off the beaten path. We came for a drink and ended up ordering a salad and appetizer. While they do serve up traditional Greek dishes, they also have a very modernized menu selection. If you visit be sure to check out the wine list as they serve over 120 wine labels.

Stavlisio Steak House

Rib Eye

Steak is usually not the first thing one thinks of when visiting Greece. Tourists will tend to go for souvlakis, gyros and seafood, however the meal we had at Stavlisio Steak House was delicious and left us all very impressed. The steak quality was soft and tender and was very tasty. Clearly, they also serve you a hefty portion making it a great bang for your buck. We also tried the fried vegetable platter, the creamed mushrooms, and Greek salad of course and were very pleased with each selection.

Stavlisio also has a very warm and welcoming staff that really add to making this dining experience an enjoyable one. To end the meal we ended off with complimentary after dinner liquors and fresh fruit.


Nothing beats dinner right on the beach, especially where good food is concerned. Akrogiali has delicious traditional Greek taverna options. We filled up on so many appetizers such as grilled and marinated octopus, different spreads like Tyrokafteri (spicy cheese), Greek sausage and more. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you order here.

For more on Kos and the beaches check out my last post here.

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