Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Guest Attire

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Weddings are a big deal. Whether you’re family to the happy couple or get to attend as an excited friend, this is a celebration everyone can enjoy. While you want to look your best for this special occasion, you don’t want to outshine the happy couple. The following three tips for choosing the best wedding guest attire will guide you to the perfect outfit.

Consider the Time of Day, Dress Code, and Location

Before we can get into the fun shopping part, we must consider the time of day of the wedding, any dress code information, and the location. The general rule is that daytime weddings are more casual, while evening and night weddings are more formal. However, if the happy couple expects a specific dress code, such as cocktail or beach formal, they should let you know. When in doubt, ask.

The location should also inform your chosen attire, especially your shoes. If the wedding is outside on a beach in the summer or in a mountain cabin in the fall, you should dress to easily get around.

For example, you will feel most comfortable in breathable materials and pastel colors for an outdoor summer beach wedding. For a mountainous fall wedding, bring layers, such as suit jackets or sweaters, and stick with earth and jewel tones. 

Remember That Comfort Is Key

You want to feel comfortable in your chosen attire. Weddings are long and involve lots of movement, especially if there are multiple locations. Choose a dress you can sit, stand, eat, and dance in, given the location and weather. For example, a strapless silk dress may feel comfortable for all those activities, but you may get cold if the ceremony is outside in November. A velvet dress with at least one sleeve or a coordinating sweater is better.

Bring appropriate accessories, such as jackets and umbrellas, that will make the day more comfortable.

Pick Something You Love That Won’t Outshine the Bride

The most important dress on the big day is the bride’s, if the happy couple includes a bride. You don’t want to outshine her on her big day, but it’s understandable that you want to look and feel your best. Try some of the innovative dress trends of 2023 if you want to feel amazing and respect the occasion. Feathers, florals, and a dress with pants underneath all look great at weddings. However, one 2023 trend is cut-outs. It’s often inappropriate to wear cut-outs to a wedding, so try that trend somewhere else.

Choose a dress that follows one of these trends in an occasion-appropriate color. Orange feathers would stand out at a summer wedding, while purple florals would look lovely at a spring celebration. You would look elegant in an all-black dress with pants or a jumpsuit at a fall or winter wedding.These threetips will help you choose the best wedding guest attire for your next special occasion. Remember to try your dress on several weeks in advance so that you have time for any necessary alterations.

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