Hvar Photo Diary and Under $20 LBD Shopping Options

Hvar is definitely my happy place. As I mentioned in my last post from Palmizana (see it here), which I also highly recommend you visit, I came to Hvar this year on a day trip excursion from Brac. The excursion if you didn’t read the last post, included two hours in Hvar and two hours in Palmizana, as well as lunch on the boat in between. This is actually the only excursion to Hvar leaving from Bol (not Brac as a whole). The other ferries, on the Jadrolinja ferry line, that go from Brac to Hvar leave from Supetar, or Sutivan on the other side of the island. These are great for when you plan on overnighting, or just want more control over how many hours you spend. For convenience purposes, we just stuck with the day excursion this time.

Thankfully I have been to Hvar before because I can definitely say it is not do-able in two hours. However it being one of my favorite isalnds ever, I’ll take what I can get.

A few years ago, before my first trip to Hvar, I definitely had my doubts. Usually I had the notion of an island, is an island, is an island – there are plenty of beautiful ones, and this one is probably gorgeous (no doubts on that) but overrated and overpriced. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Hvar is 100000% worth the hype. On the pricier side yes, but worth every penny. Hvar has a little bit of everything: old town cobble stone streets, gorgeous views and a beautiful port area, excursions such as the fort, monastaries, gorgeous beaches, and great day and nightlife as far as bars and clubs (some of the best in all of Croatia – in my opinion).

During my last two trips to Hvar, I came during Ultra Beach, part of the Ultra Music Festival and Yacht Week line up. If you ever get the chance to do the same, highly recommend it. It is always a highlight of my summer. But due to COVID and the lack of partying options, I did take advantage of trying out some new experiences on the island. I climbed to the fortica which honestly doesn’t take that long and has some of the most spectacular views of the city. I wish I wasn’t so pressed for time, or I would have taken advantage to further explore it up there. Like I said, two hours is nothing, and I definitely wanted to get in some swimming time.

Hvar has some of the most gorgeous and clear water that I have swam in. I also am obssessed with the uniqueness in the layout of the island. While there is some sandy area by hotels (Amfora is a big one that I recommend), I much prefer the kind of seclusion and experience of getting a lounge chair or cabana in the middle of the rocks. Ok, maybe a little dangerous, but I love how private and just “cool” for lack of a better word it feels.

This area is located close to Hula Hula Lounge. One of my FAVORITE beach bars ever. It usually has such a great vibe and you’ll most definitely find me there with a two liter cocktail any other given summer. It was a little dead this year anyway so we left the little crowd over there to socially distance in the middle of no where. No complaints.

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