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Berry Tea Mishka Soho

Fashion month is upon us once again, with New York Fashion week starting this Friday. Admittedly, I still don’t know what to expect. Some great news is that COVID cases have dropped tremendously in New York, so if that was something that was deterring you from attending the shows, we have definitely seen worse days of this virus. Of course like everything else in New York City, the shows are only open to fully vaccinated people and will surely be at some kind of half capacity, mask-on, type of format. Nonetheless, I am definitely curious to see what NYFW is all about this season and to finally check out some in person shows.

One great part about NYFW is that if you find the time, grabbing a lunch with friends in the industry is always a really fun part of the experience. Especially when they are visiting from out of town. One place in the heart of Soho and conveniently close to Spring Studios is this adorable Eastern European restaurant called Mishka.

We sort of stumbled upon this spot, one of those this looks cute kind of places and I was so pleasantly surprised with everything from A-Z. The outside definitely catches you first and is a colorful graffiti wall (on purpose). The decor inside was so cute, and very much like dining at your grandmothers house with lots of antique looking decor, multiple chandeliers, and dim lights making it very intimate also.

Spinach Vareniki Mishka Soho
Spinach and farmer cheese dumplings with red wine vinegar sauce 

The menu at first was a little overwhelming since you know me, I like to have the full authentic experience of a place, but as I don’t know much about this cuisine it was a little hard to narrow down. The waitress was so nice and helpful, I basically let her pick for me and her choices were delicious. I am generally a huge an of dumplings and both the spinach and mushroom had their own unique flavors and were both very delicious.

Mushroom Vareniki Mishka Soho
Mushroom dumplings, topped with crispy onion & sour cream

As an entree I had the Chicken Kiev which literally oozes out with butter when you cut into it making it so moist and also very flavorful. Another great thing about all the food at Mishka is that it comes out so fast so it is perfect when your in a rush or between shows for something quick but satisfying.

Chicken Kiev Mishka Soho
Chicken breast, lightly breaded & baked, filled with herbed butter, served with homemade mashed potatoes

I also love the little touches they had like the newspaper bread basket, the cake tier stand for those ordering tea time options, and even the little plate of berry jam for our Berry Tea – which was by the way delicious and I recommend. There was also some soft live Russian music as we ate. It made dining more of an experience and I really enjoyed it.

Mishka Soho

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