Negris Lebrum SS24 At NYFW

Negris Lebrum ss24 at nyfw

The Negris Lebrum SS24 Collection drew inspiration from the flair of Pan American flight attendants. The theme was pretty evident in the mini more boxy silhouette and strong shoulders with accents such as the scarves and the array of collars . It gave me a very retro-50s housewife vibe and especially emphasized vibrant colors and print options. He also included a tribute to his partnership with TSU and included his pickleball tote for the House of Maroon.

While the collection didn’t have and missteps and had some lovely designs that were pretty and wearable, it didn’t quite wow me as much as previous seasons that the designer has sent down the runway. The target seems to have been a little older (like older than mothers) and more specifically southern style, rather than the very chic and sexy NYC vibe I grew to love from the brand.

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