NYC Beauty: Russian Manicure At Zara Nails

russian manicure in nyc - zara nails
russian manicure in nyc - zara nails
russian manicure in nyc – zara nails

I am currently undergoing a major overhaul of my nail game. I can’t quite pinpoint the issue but for many months (maybe even years now) my nails have been struggling. Unfortunately no matter what I try, regular polish, UV gel, powder gel, I have had no such luck in New York to find a nail spot to help to grow out my nails, keep them strong or even a long lasting manicure. What put me over the edge was a recent mani in which they over drilled my nails (for no reason – I had regular polish on) and created an indentation similar to those who get acrylic tips. Mind you I haven’t even tried acrylics for over 15 years!

russian manicure nyc

Cue in the trending Russian manicure. I decided to check out a location in midtown, Zara nails, specializing in the Russian manicure with a really convenient midtown location. You know it must be an authentic spot and service when the whole staff is Russian.

Generally one grievance with a lot of manicures is that while maybe good for convenience on a weekday, that “express” style work really feels rushed and sloppy often times. Not the case at Zara nails. My Russian manicure was just shy of two hours. The treatment of the cuticles is very thorough and precise. Beginning with a gentle push back and then very meticulous filing of the nails. My technician evened out that dent in my nail so seamlessly and without overdoing it do that it weekend and filed down the nail. The cuticles are really what takes a lot of focus but they are trimmed down to meticulously and evenly.

russian manicure nyc
russian manicure nyc

Even the painting portion of the manicure was so precise, utilizing fine point paintbrushes instead of the applicator from the nail polish bottle. They even turn your hand over in different positions for a completely even layer of polish and that every point is covered. Each nail is for the most part handled and placed under the lamp one by one so that it maximizes the lasting power of the gel polish. For my currently very short nails I went with a light neutral shade and then I then finished it off with a little chrome powder. The result is stunning and I have been getting compliments on it non stop.

russian manicure nyc
A complete nail transformation

So far I am one week down and my nails are still holding up near perfectly, despite that it has been an ironically more labor intensive week on my hands with all the Greek Easter baking and cleaning. I will update you soon but for now I can say that Zara Nails is A FANTASTIC option in NYC and I highly recommend their Russian manicure.

Zara Nails

📍  109 W 38th St 9th Floor Suite 902, New York, NY 10018
(646) 389-4229
Hours :Daily: 10AM-8PM

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