NYC EATS: Is L’Artusi Worth The Hype

Unfortunately due to the family emergency I am delayed in sharing with you one of the fun food updates I got to experience over the last month.

In this installment of the NYC Eats Series I finally checked out the hyped up spot L’Artusi, which is basically a New York institution and continues to be one of the hardest reservations to get your hands on from when it opened in 2008 and even till this day. I guess the question on everyone’s mind is, is it actually worth it.

Keep reading to find out.

shallot, rye crisps, horseradish crema

These two appetizers are pretty unanimous as some of the most stand out dishes from L’Artusi. The carpaccio is so delicate and tender and of the freshest quality. A perfect bite when you taste all the components together. The roasted mushroom is by far my favorite dish I had overall and one that I would come back for even stand alone with a glass of wine. Packed with flavor and texture this is a standout meal in all of the city.

pancetta, fried egg, chilies, ricotta salata
Gnocchi with ragu

The pasta dishes rotate out seasonally and while these two are now unavailable and off their Spring menu, you absolutely won’t be disappointed when trying the pasta dishes here. The ravioli had a special citrus element and a nice unique combination of flavors while the gnocchi was a stable done exceptionally well.

Spring Ravioli Dish
hen of the woods, scallion

The entrees were also very well done. Again pretty classic dishes that were well executed. Both the chicken and fish were perfectly cooked, well seasoned and tasty. I think some of the small details and accompaniments to the entrees also change seasonally but these Spring rendition was wonderful.

roasted lemon, olives, honey
Roasted Artichokes
golden raisin marmellata, madeira, crème fraîche mousse

Finally, the olive oil cake was the perfect ending – so moist and with the juicy plump raisins and cream made it a nice sweet finish.

The short form answer of if it is worth it or not would definitely be yes, you will most definitely enjoy your meal here and the bustle and ambiance do make you feel like your in the hottest spot in town. However if you don’t manage to snag a reservation, I wouldn’t go crying about it. There are plenty of incredible Italian restaurants in the city that have both fantastic food and ambiance

L’Artusi Website

228 West 10th Street, New York, NY

OPEN for Indoor Dining + Outdoor Patio Dining (Covered & Heated). 
All reservations are available via RESY and release on a two-week rolling basis, each day at 9 AM.  

12:00 PM–2:30 PM

5:00 PM – 11 PM
5:00 PM – Midnight

Saturday & Sunday
11:00 AM – 2:30 PM

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