Spring Cleaning: Product Empties & Some Dupes 2024

Beauty Product Empties

I have been collecting garbage for so long, it seems as though that some of this disappeared. And worse, a lot of these products are now discontinued anyways. But with Spring on the way its officially time to let go of the old. Furthermore, I really do enjoy product empties posts and videos because it is one of the only times a person can truly call themselves an expert on a product and can give a thorough well rounded review.

For things that are discontinued I will keep it super brief but still include them because, hello 2024, they are still available to find and all the links will be below. Although proceed with caution, not all shades are available and my own personal recommendation would be to skip – they are often upcharged and simply not worth the price tag.

Quick rundown: The primer potion is the only product on the market still alive and well and I think rightfully so. This is bar far the best eyeshadow primer on the market (in my opinion) that makes a significant difference in the color payoff of shadows and the longevity.

The other three primers: Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, The Bite Changemaker, and the Becca Baclight primer were also three great ones but although they are discontinued ( ironically not just discontinued products but discontinued brands), but although I enjoyed using them, I have other products that can fill the void and perform just as well. The Marc Jacobs and the Bite changemaker were basic hydrating primers that never went overboard but gave a nice base. A dupe is certainly the First Aid smoothie primer which I used up once upon a time and also recommend. The BECCA backlight really did give a nice subtle glow and was multi purpose (I think you could use it on top of the skin like a Charlotte Tilbury) but alas there you go – a dupe.

The LA Girl Pro Conceal, The Becca Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Honestly, just stick with the NARS. This is one of my favorite concealers of all time and really would hurt the heart should it be discontinued. The coverage is a perfect medium, is so lightweight and doesn’t crease. I actually did enjoy both the Becca and LA girl although they are both quite the opposite. These two concealers are more of a gummy thick texture but they do cover up nice and don’t look as heavy as they sound. The BECCA is alas, discontinued but I would say the L.A girl is a pretty great dupe and for 1/5 of the price.

As you can see, there is one foundation in the group that ranks a little higher as I finished it not once but twice. The NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation is just a great marriage of coverage but not completely full, a natural finish, and great longevity.

Discontinued Foundations:

Ironically enough, the rest of the foundations photographed are discontinued.

A favorite of mine in the bunch although it discontinued early on was the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. This was stunning and hydrating with a beautiful glow, which I got to really appreciate as my skin cleared up. It didn’t have tons of coverage but made the skin look incredibly healthy and had a nice dew. It was a favorite especially in the summer.

The Marc Jacobs Shameless and I started off rocky but over time really did sit really nice on the skin. Where I thought it was drying and caking, with some solid skin prep underneath turned out to give a flawless base and lasted really well also. Similarly to the Marc Jacobs Gel foundation, I was really into the Stellar Beauty limitless foundation for a while. It gave that light coverage healthy glow but was still perfect for natural or glam makeup looks. T

The Lancome cushion, had a relatively similar effect, as in light but buildable, and versatile for different looks. Finally the bite beauty one surprised me in the amount of coverage but created a a beautiful natural base.

For these light glowy but somewhat buildable healthy looking bases, one foundation I have been enjoying lately and could dupe it to would be the Saie Tinted Moisturizer.

I was a big big fan of the Bite Upswing Mascara. It gave you everything you wanted- separation length volume. It was an all around winner but all good things come to an end. Another empty I can’t seem to find but that also checked all these boxes was the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (still available).

The Bite Upswing liquid liner was also really nice as well and I enjoyed it while I had it in my collection but I can survive without it. Although it was great for winged liners it didn’t have the expected longevity and wasn’t the blackest liner I have ever come across. I’m not huge on liquid eyeliner and don’t have one to compare but the Anastasia has a similar tip and great reviews.

The Essence brow gel and Glossier Boy Brow are both great options. The tones are great and they do their job. Obviously if you’re on a budget, you’ll be just as please with essence but the product that put Glossier on the map did so for a reason.

glow recipe product empties

I will be going way deeper into my current skincare routines but I wanted to share some product empties from my Glow Recipe Regimine. I finished (so far) the Papaya Enzyme Cleansing Balm, The Avocado Cerimide Cleanser, The Strawberry Salyclic Serum and a one off I found(although I do have more to share another time) the Complex Iribiol Serum from Biologique Rocherie.

Let’s start with Biologique. The nature of the skincare system is to customize pieces of a whole to fit your needs. I never noticed something outrageously specific with this serum because it always works in tandem with a few more to achieve the results. I will say though my skin was very happy with these products.

However, for a much lesser price point, my skin is also very happy under the Glow Recipe system. I have already repurchased both the Salycilic serum and the Ceramide Cleanser as they really are phenomenal products. The salysiclic feels like it is very clearing like after long nights or even sometimes falling asleep with makeup, although leaving my skin balanced and not dried out while the cleanser is very nourishing and rich feeling. It really does the job and cleans the skin but leaving it feel supple and hydrated, and not stripped. The papaya cleanser also definitely does it’s job and I would absolutely use it if it ended up back in my collection, but in comparison to the Clinque cleansing balm which has been a tried and true and gives you a really intense clean, the Glow Recipe wouldn’t be worth the repurchase.

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