Statement Cardigan For Dinner At Kyma Roslyn

Week two of 2021… Anyone feel different…at all….Because I for one have no real updates.😂

With indoor dining still shut down in most of New York, I have definitely been feeling grateful to be living on Long Island. As COVID numbers rise in the state, it feels especially uncomfortable to be going out again, and while I am sure many of the people living in the city have migrated out here for their nights out, I have been lucky to take advantage of feeling a shred of normalcy closer to home. Kyma Roslyn definitely fits the bill. With it’s sister location in Manhattan, Kyma is an upscale trendy Greek restaurant with delicious food and lot’s of great energy that makes for a perfect night out these days. While it can get crowded, the staff follows all the necessary procautions, and the space is large as well as a huge outdoor dining tent. If you have been living out of your loungewear, a nice dinner is a great reason to get a little dressed up again.

PIKILIA Traditional Spreads: Tarama, Scordalia, Ktipiti and Tzatziki

I think the dips are a great pick. They’re on the more economical side, filling, and also really delicious. For those who are unfamiliar, it includes Greek caviar, spicy cheese dip, eggplant dip (very similar to Babaganoush), a creamy garlic dip, and tzaziki which I’m sure you all know about.

KYMA CHIPS Paper-thin Zucchini & Eggplant Chips with Tzatziki Sauce

A must order. These are so light, tasty and cooked perfectly.

SAGANAKI Traditional Pan Fried Graviera Cheese

Generally Saganaki is a go-to, can’t go wrong kind of order for me. While this isn’t the best one I have ever had, I also have no complaints. It is still a really great pick and will fill you up.

One simply does not come to Kyma and not order a fresh fish. Of all the things I tried, and all my recommendations, this is what you come to Kyma for. The two I tried are both imported from Greece and while prepared simply were a perfect entree. The fish is so fresh, it stands for itself. It’s a delicious, light, and also great for sharing if you over did it on the apps but still want to try an entree. (Hence why the Lavraki looks smaller than the Tsipoura- it was split three ways). Between the two, they were both great and just depends on your preference. The Lavraki is a little lighter more melt in your mouth, while the Tsipoura has a bit of a stronger profile. However they are similar enough that you can’t go wrong either way.

Lychee Martini
Grey Goose, Lychee Juice, Garnished with Fresh Lychee

A great cocktail. Not too sweet, and definitely not made with watered down liquor.

Not photographed but also tried:
OCTOPUS Sushi Grade Mediterranean Grilled Octopus, Onions, Capers
While I’ve mentioned a few things here already that are a must, the Octopus is really A MUST. When Octopus is done right, you can’t beat it, and Kyma does it right.
SESAME FETA: Pan seared sesame crusted feta topped with candied figs, cherry tomatoes, on a raspberry-honey glaze 
This was also a delicious appetizer that is less traditional and more trendy and unique if you want to switch it up.
TOMATO SALAD: Classic Greek Salad (Cut to Order) Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Onions, Olives, Feta,
A classic that you can never go wrong with. I don’t know why but that particular feta made it especially exceptional.
CALAMARI Fried or Grilled Tender Squid
We had it grilled. Another great appetizer and standard order but between this and the octopus, definitely go for the octopus.


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While it sometimes seems like gone are the days where you have an excuse to get dressed up, Kyma is dressy enough that you can go all out but not so pompous that you’ll feel uncomfortable if you go a little more casual. I wen’t somewhere in between. I love how the fur collar on this cardigan makes the look a little more glam, but really is pretty casual with some jeans and basic black boots and my simple Tory Burch logo earrings. Statement cardigans in general are a great way to play up your denim or legging looks without trying too hard.

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    1. Thank you so much! It is definitely been rough, but thankfully there are still ways to make the best of it. Hope you have a great week also❤️

  1. Yes it is weird how things have changed. Before it was all about Manhattan and Brooklyn, nobody wanted to come out to Long Island. It really is crazy but nice to be able to dine out here. I just did this yesterday with a friend we went to a Mexican place in Babylon. You look great in this! What a fun sweater. And Kyma sounds and looks great. I will have to try and get here one day.

    Allie of

    1. Thanks so much Allie! ❤️
      Yea, for me it has been a blessing in disguise to check out what’s close to home.
      Which restaurant, definitely interested to check it out.

  2. This statement cardigan is absolutely stunning, Angelica! I love the flared denim and those awesome boots paired with it for an edgy and sophisticated look. And all of this food looks amazing! I love Greek cuisine and we had a really great Greek restaurant in my small town that closed last year after like 40 years of business. Not a Covid related closure, it closed before that due to something with their rental agreement. It was very sad as we do not have a very diverse dining situation here!


    1. Thanks so much Shelbee❤️❤️
      It is always sad to see those classic spots go. I hope something great comes around soon!

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