Unique Adventures You Should Do in the Western U.S.

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Planning a fun trip can be hard when you want to balance adventure and luxury. If you’re looking for fun, Instagram-worthy moments, I have a list of three unique adventures you should do in the western U.S. Each trip offers something pretty, historic, and enjoyable so you can come home with great pictures and even better stories.

Arizona’s Hot Air Balloon Experience

Imagine floating over the breathtaking peaks of Arizona with a glass of chilled champagne in hand. Arizona’s hot air balloon experiences offer just that! You’ll embark on a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon flight with the company of your choice around your desired location. These flights are perfect for solo travelers, couples, or groups of friends. Different companies offer various options for your flight, from gourmet sunrise breakfasts to post-flight champagne. Marvel at the fiery hues painting the beautiful desert below, no matter where you fly.

Colorado’s Train Ride Through Royal Gorge

All aboard Colorado’s Royal Gorge Railroad for an exquisite journey through the heart of the Rockies! Step back in time as you relish a decadent multi-course meal in a beautifully restored 1950s-era dining car. Feast your eyes on the spectacular views of the Royal Gorge, Arkansas River, and towering granite cliffs while sitting with your best friends or beloved partner. Sip on fine wine or Colorado craft beer while absorbing the elegance of a bygone era. This unforgettable train ride combines history and beauty that will surely captivate you.

Idaho’s Private Jet Boat Tour of Hells Canyon

Hold on to your designer hats for this experience! Luxury meets adventure with a private jet boat tour of Hells Canyon in Idaho. While you can join a group tour, the pros and cons of private vs. group tours come out with private tours on top. You and your travel companions will enjoy a thrilling, high-speed journey through the striking vistas and thundering rapids of America’s deepest river gorge. If it sounds like too much adventure for you, don’t worry! Most tours take breaks. Bask in a riverside gourmet picnic or step ashore to enjoy the astounding beauty of hidden beaches, lush forests, and historic sites of Hells Canyon.

While you can take many unique adventures in the western U.S., these are some of my favorites. They’re sophisticated, daring, and oh-so-worth talking about at your next gathering with friends and family. You deserve an amazing trip full of adventures, so book one today!

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