Wardrobe Tips: Swapping Winter Wear for Spring Clothing

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Are you prepared for the upcoming seasonal change? Having the right garments available in time for warmer weather ensures you look and feel great all day long. Here are some helpful wardrobe tips to help you swap your winter wear for spring clothing.

Heavy Coats Must Go

The first step in properly making your wardrobe spring-appropriate is removing and storing any bulky coats and jackets. While your ever-fashionable North Face jackets are ideal winter garments, they take up valuable space in your wardrobe every other season. Luckily, this process is extremely quick and straightforward, especially if your heavy coat collection is relatively small.

Gather all of your out-of-season layers and ensure they are completely clean. Keep in mind that many winter jackets look fine but are, in fact, filthy from repeated outdoor use. Wash your coats with a delicate cycle, cool water, and a non-abrasive detergent. For more sensitive garments, consider taking them to professional cleaners. Regardless of your preferred cleaning method, your bulky items must receive the proper care before entering storage.

When stashing away your foldable coats and jackets, you should use boxes, crates, or zip-up bags. These incredibly affordable items consolidate your seasonal gear in one accessible area. Fur coats and other expensive garments should remain hanging in a quality suit bag. Additionally, use rounded cedar wood hangers to provide better support for your heavy clothing, allowing it to retain its shape. As a bonus, the cedar wood helps repel moths and other destructive pests.

Keep a Few Versatile Layers

Next, you want to prioritize the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. These layers typically include lightweight sweaters, zip-ups, button-ups, collared shirts, and other thin jackets. Versatile layers made from advanced synthetic fabrics and materials work well in almost any outfit.

You can easily remove or add these items to your ensemble to adjust to the climate throughout the day. Aside from being extremely fashionable, these clothing items are ideal for combating unpredictable weather conditions as winter turns to spring. Having multiple cozy yet breathable garments in your closet ensures you’re always comfortable, regardless of the climate.

Seasonal Color Considerations

While it’s important to focus on the functionality of different seasonal garments, it’s equally essential that you consider current color and design trends for the season. For example, winter clothing is often beholden to a slim color pallet of black, blue, brown, and gray. Consider implementing more vibrant hues into your wardrobe and outfit as the seasons change. Store away your bland clothing items in favor of flashy colors, distinct patterns, and unique stylings! Take springtime as an opportunity to really reflect your personality through your fashion.

Follow these helpful wardrobe tips on swapping winter wear for spring clothing to ensure your outfits look, feel, and function perfectly all year long! By cycling your closet’s inventory regularly, you maintain a fresh and exciting sense of style.

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  1. These are all great tips for moving to your spring wardrobe! I try to fold all of my winter pieces up for the most part, but really need to get some crates or something more organized to put them in.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    Make Life Marvelous

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