Watch The Space: Turning Television Into A Mindful Task

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When we talk about mindfulness, screen time of any kind is usually seen as a bad thing. In reality, though, just as some video games can help us to relax and level our emotions, television doesn’t always need to be the enemy.

Of course, self-awareness is key when tackling anything screen-related from a mindful angle. Remember – TV has a bad rep in the wellness world for a good reason. Studies continually show that as well as contributing to unhealthy sedentary lifestyles, television can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and more. 

But removing television from your evenings altogether might not be the answer, especially if you struggle to decompress without your favorite shows. The question is, how can you turn television into a more positively mindful activity?

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# 1 – Choose your viewing carefully

Mindlessly clicking on any old television program won’t make you feel good. In fact, as well as leaving you at an increased risk of inappropriate viewing, this unintentional consumption style may worsen your feelings of screen-based guilt. Eliminate those risks with more mindful viewing choices. Streaming platforms have made it easier than ever to tailor our watching based on things like our interests, and the kinds of shows that make us happy. Whether you want to educate yourself with documentaries or want to find out where to watch anime shows that help you unwind, just do a little research. This small effort could make a huge difference to your television consumption, and how it leaves you feeling at the end of the evening. 

# 2 – Avoid binge watching

Experts find that binge-watching shows is an especially damaging form of consumption, which can lead to an increased risk of depression, sleep problems, and even addictive behaviors. In large part, these risk factors are due to the sheer amount of time we spend watching television when binge-watching a favorite show. Limiting consumption by taking regular breaks, or only watching one or two episodes of a show each evening, can be a far healthier option for mental health. That’s because this alternative viewing style reduces the risks of things like addictive behavior, as well as taking up far less time. This allows you to pair television with healthy habits like socialization, reading, and so on. 

# 3 – Prioritize other tasks

Often, the guilt related to television consumption comes from the fact that there’s usually something else to do. And, if you feel guilty while you’re watching television, then this is never going to be a mindful task. To avoid this, prioritize other tasks like cooking, cleaning, and exercise, over television at all times. Instead, keep your favorite shows for moments when you have no other commitments, as this will allow you to watch guilt-free, and focus your full attention on a more mindful watching experience overall. 

Television and mindfulness don’t often appear in the same sentence, but there’s no reason why your viewing has to be bad for your mental health. Simply ensure healthier habits with these tips in mind. 

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