A Day In NYC: Summit One Vanderbilt, Hudson Yards

The Summit One Vanderbuilt all black outfit inspo

If you know me or have been keeping up with me for a while, you know how much I love traveling. In fact, I haven’t been away since the summer and I find I am having some withdrawals. However, I recently had a friend in town visiting New York and I really got to enjoy my own city as a tourist. I am so die hard for this city, but sometimes you take for granted how beautiful it is and the amazing sites and attractions that we have to see. I think every so often it must be great for anyone to tour where they live, I am fortunate that for me that place is New York.

The Summit

NYC Skyline View One Vanderbilt

I am no tourist, but I have been to The Summit in One Vanderbilt twice, once by day and once by night (see here). I think it is by far my favorite attraction in the city and I think, especially for tourists, it gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Not only do you have the most incredible views of the city, which people pay for without any of the bells and whistles The Summit offers,) but walking through it is an experience in and of itself. Every room has it’s own theme that is really unlike anything else. It is full of trippy fun-house like mirrors, a room with balloons. Let’s just leave it at that, the photos can describe it better than I can write it. But it really is amazing and a really fun activity for the whole family. A disclaimer would be that if you have motion sickness or are afraid of heights, you have been warned, but I think it’s worth the risk to try out.

At the end of The Summit exhibit, there is also an amazing bar with panoramic views, and also you can upgrade your ticket to experience the Ascent, an all-glass elevator which brings you to the highest point of the building on the 93rd floor.

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards has gained SO much popularity in recent years. From basically being a no-mans land and very industrial, it is basically the city’s new hotspot with tons of amazing and trendy restaurants, an enormous mall with lots of high-end and contemporary brands, and the Vessel photographed in these photos, which I don’t think you can enter anymore, and now is just a beautiful structure to photograph. Hudson Yards can be a little off the beaten path as it is all the way on the West side, without any subways particularly near it other than the 7 train. Conveniently enough, that is precisely the nearest train to The Summit making it a seamless touring day.

The Highline

The Highline is right near Hudson Yards, which is basically like a huge walkway park combination that runs along the Hudson River with different artworks, pop-up exhibits, and activities to experience along the way. If you really did come as a tourist, you can skip the subway and even make a day walking through the Highline, popping in and out of different areas of the city to get from one point to the other. For more info about the park and different areas, you can visit click here.

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