A Half Yard(Yes you are reading correctly) of beer: Yard House Aventura

My family lives in Aventura, Florida and are huge fans of The Yard House. Yard House is a chain restaurant and brags over 100 beers on tap and known for their half yard glasess of beer.

YES. I did finish it. And it was an experience to drink that is for sure. I even had to move my whole body to the side for each sip as not to hit anyone or anything.

Food Rundown: Sorry I’ll be lacking in original photos this time around. I was so hungry, taking pics became such an after thought. I only remembered on our second go around for my entree. Some will be off the website.

Appetizers: Spinach and Cheese Dip ,Wings-Buffalo and BBQ, Fried Calamari. They were all hits but at a sports bar/ casual bistro type spot how could we go wrong?

One night I had the Black Truffle Cheeseburger: House made truffle cheese, tomato bacon onion jam, fries. So while I still did think it was a good burger, I am super picky about overcooked meat. I asked for medium rare and ended up with a medium, even leaning medium well burger which for me takes away a lot of the flavor and the ingredients cant stand out as so its hard to say my real opinion about it.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

All white meat, spicy sweet slaw, aged white cheddar spread, fries. I think it is a solid pick.

Sunset Sangria

New Amsterdam vodka, Aperol, La Perlina moscato, citrus agave, passion fruit, seven falls rapids red blend, strawberries, black cherry, pineapple, mint. Fruity but not TOO sweet- No complaints with this.

Overall Thoughts: I think the Yard House was definitely good. I enjoyed everything I ate, that is for sure. But overall it is an upscale Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, or something of that nature. Would I eat there again? Absolutely. Is the price a little high for what it is? Also yes. In any case it is definitely worth trying!

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