Astoria: Everyones Home Away From Home

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Photo Credit: Clive Cadillo

Astoria: Everyone’s Home Away from Home

Astoria. Where each culture is distinct and celebrated. As a tourist in an overwhelming city such as New York, Astoria provides a place of comfortable surroundings. It is a place where no matter what ethnicity you are, you can find cuisines, social clubs, bars, and religious spaces of every kind.

Whether you are just visiting from abroad or deciding to settle here, Astoria truly feels like home. Everyone is able to find their “tribe”. Sometimes even learning English is optional as you might notice that your local business employees are bound to know a few languages. People not only embrace their own native cultures, but integrate with others as well.

You can spend your days eating through every country and continent. Try having breakfast in Greece with a bougatsa at Omonia cafe, lunch in the Balkans at Ukus with either some burek or cevapi, and maybe a sushi and saki dinner in Japan at Watawa. You’ll also be escaping the extreme pricing of Manhattan and often times multiplying the authentic “foreign” experience. While granted there is so much to see outside of Astoria in the big city, there really is no need to leave. For every activity of the day, everything is at your fingertips here.

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