Baby Blue Dress At Long Islands Best: Prime Huntington

I’m an all black everything kind of girl but lately I’m feeling inspired to live in a little more color. It is finally time to break out those summer dresses and sandals. With the world opening back up it honestly feels amazing to get a little dressed up and enjoy the weather at some gorgeous locations.

Prime has quickly become one of my favorites, in every sense of the word. Sometimes places on the water get a little hyped up just for the views. Trust me when I say, that Prime is so much more. I am obsessed with everything about this restaurant. The waterfront views are of course gorgeous, especially while the weather is nice with all the yachts parked out front. The ambience and decor both on the inside and outside is beautiful, and in general the space at Prime is enormous and there is tons of seating available. The service is wonderful, everyone from the servers to management. I have definitely come to feel right at home at Prime and I have only dined here twice! Speaking of the dining, the food here is truly incredible. Everything I have tried exceeded expectations and in my opinion each item I am about to recommend is such a must order.

Carmelized Figs: shaved proscuitto, almonds, goat cheese

The appetizers are all so unique and delicious. The caramelized figs have that little crystalized crunchy layer like on a creme brulee and pair so well with the prosciutto, goat cheese and vinaigrette. It is a delicious and light option.

Gnocchi: Parmesan white truffle sauce

Another must, the gnocchi has a little texture and bite to it and truffle anything is always a favorite. This rich creamy and cheesy sauce is no different.

Shrimp and Lobster Wontons: pan seared, hoisin glaze, miso mustard

These lobster wontons are so tasty and packed with tons of flavor. They are so well balanced with the different sauces, and the addition of the salad on top. You definitely will not be disappointed in ordering them.

Mac and Cheese: Cavatappi and 5 cheese blend

The mac and cheese was rich and delicious but also light, as light as a mac and cheese can be, if that makes sense. We all loved it, including those who aren’t particular fans of mac and cheese.

A summertime classic, and I have many in my day especially living on Long Island. This lobster roll puts all other lobster rolls to shame, and I really mean that. This sandwich is a generous portion loaded with real fresh lobster that is perfectly cooked and soaked in a buttery sauce that is way more satisfying than the traditional versions.

New York Strip Steak

One simply cannot miss ordering a steak at Prime. They are perfectly cooked, quality meats. Need I say more? The NY Strip is a more economical choice that will leave you completely satisfied. No steak sauce or additions needed – although they are of course available.

Georgia Peach Cocktail: piggyback rye, peach schnapps, peach puree, fresh brewed iced tea, lemon juice, ginger bitter, simple syrup,
Passion Cosmo: Smirnoff passion fruit vodka, passion fruit puree, fresh lime, cranberry juice,
Rose Margarita: aldez silver, triple sec, rose syrup , fresh lime juice

Prime makes some great cocktails as well. You could spend the day just enjoying drinks and the view if you really wanted to, although after the food recommendation I just provided I’d advise against missing out. Each of these was an excellent cocktail and there is something for everyone. The Georgia peach is definitely not what you’d expect. It is a lot more balanced than sweet, but definitely refreshing. The passion cosmo is more on the tart side but it has a kick and a wonderful aftertaste. The Rose Margarita is also a special version of the classic, with an added flavor thats really nice and one that you just can’t put your finger on.

NY Cheesecake: tripple berry compote, fennel pollen strusel

Prime doesn’t stop there. There desserts are also amazing and worth saving some room for. The NY Cheesecake was well executed and definitely the perfect option on a hot day.

Shop Similar Styles

Prime can definitely turn into one of those see and be seen types of places so I enjoy taking the opportunity to get a little dressed up when I come. For this weekend lunch I wore this body con sweater dress that was such a steal during the LTK Sale, as were the sunglasses. They are both still available (links to shop below). Also be sure to check out my post here to see what else I hauled during the sale.

Anyway – this dress is one of those that can be styled in so many ways. The fit and quality of the material is so great. It will definitely hold you in all the right places and I love the pop of color is gives for Spring. It will look even better with a tan, although beware the material is a little on the thicker side if you plan on wearing it during the summer. While I am absolutely OBSESSED with these denim daisy heels, the exact style is unfortunately no longer available. However, I definitely wanted to include a bunch of denim and other cute blue options because I think they are just a fun version of classic, simple shoes that have so much versatility. They change up outfits and make them just a little more “fashionable”. The denim style makes it a little more casual although the heel hight makes it seemingly a more dressed up look. They are a shoe that can swing both ways, and for that I love them even more.

Definitely let me know if you make your way over to Prime and of course comment down below on your favorite summer looks and locations!

Prime Website

For more styling and a more casual option for a pop of blue, check out my recent post here:

18 thoughts on “Baby Blue Dress At Long Islands Best: Prime Huntington

  1. My friend and I love going to Huntington I like how it is a bit hilly reminds of when I lived in Seattle and great shopping too, I so have to check out Prime and LOVE this blue dress it looks amazing on you! πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»

    Allie of

    1. Huntington is great, and Prime is such a MUST!! Please go and let me know what you think.
      Thanks so much❀️

  2. What a beautiful shade of Blue! Giving very calm and peaceful vibes. You are looking stunning without a doubt. The meal seems so delicious.
    Lots of Love.

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