Butter Burgers With Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe

Maybe not the best for your beach bod, but adding this burger to your summer grilling mix along with these easy and quick pretzel mozzarella sticks and delicious pecan pie….

You may want to skip meals that day to make room but this meal is worth every calorie.

Butter Burger With Beer Cheese Sauce And Bacon

This burger was delicious and beyond juicy. You literally add a tablespoon of butter to the center, so already you’re talking about a decadent burger. I also love how it is foolproof to cook because even if you like a buger well done (I don’t, but if you do), it will still be satisfying and not dried out.  I love pretzels and beer cheese sauce as bar snacks, so it made as the perfect bun for this particular burger. The beer cheese sauce in addition to sliced cheddar AND bacon. Well, you may want to check your cholesterol afterward, but it is worth it.

These Pretzel Mozzarella Sticks were so easy to make and really impressive to those you feed. It’s 3 ingredients: that firm mozzarella, crushed pretzels, and eggs. The double coating is definitely a necessity and it may be a little time consuming on the assembly line but overall once it’s in the fryer it is done in minuets. Really tasty too, especially with the homemade ranch.

A pecan pie that made even non pecan pie lovers a fan. This recipe has a dark ale in the batter, which I guess is the secret, and in combination with the rest of the ingredients makes such a gooey and delicious pie. It is also really easy to make. Also, don’t skip out on that homemade caramel sauce, it is quite the combo. Vanilla ice cream goes well too if that’s your thing.


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