CBD & Clean Brand Saint Jane, A True Skincare Savior

CBD and Clean Beauty are such hyped up words and it seems that tons of brands are making the shift over to incorporate them into their product lines.

I was in need of a new eye cream so I ended up at Sephora just for a little browse. Not knowing anything about the brand, I gravitated towards this GORGEOUS packaging by Saint Jane skincare. I know I emphasize gorgeous, but really, this is probably exactly how I would design a brand. I love the chic and sleek matte black and gold hardware. There is something so luxurious about it. So after being pulled in, I started researching a little bit about it on the spot through the Sephora app. The eye cream had close to 5 stars and targeted all the concerns I had (puffiness and fine lines mainly). It is also a gel formula which I tend to prefer as to avoid milia. I was sold on it immediately.

The more I thought about it the more I got intrigued by the brand as a whole, and in store there was only one other product available by the brand, the Luxury CBD Beauty Serum. This product also had amazing reviews. I spoke to an associate who also said that this was her safety net to get her skin back to neutral after breakouts, skin freak outs, and any reactions. So I figured I’d also give this one a shot.

You guys know me and I don’t tend to experiment too much with my skincare, or at least I havn’t in the past because of the fear of having a bad reaction. A quick synopsis of my skin is that it tends to be very dry(especially in the winter) and I still get the occasional ance/breakouts. I also have a bunch of acne scars and some discoloration from past break outs. My regemine is very simple and I don’t do much to “disturb the peace.” I have only recently started taking steps to make my good skin, better.

Well, I am about three weeks in to using these and I am BLOWN AWAY! I am so happy with these products and what they have done for my skin. It is definitely a noticable difference too and I have gotten tons of compliments on my skin, how it looks fresh and that it is more glowy and clear. I couldn’t agree more. So here is a more thorough rundown of my experience and the products..


CBD Luxury Face Oil

Made of 20 potent botanicals, calming CBD, and filled with omegas, antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients. I find this oil is lightweight and smells amazing, similar to a rosehip oil. It feels so hydrating and I never feel as though it is clogging my pores. In fact, you can call me crazy but I feel as though my pores have even cleared up after using this product. My skin some how feels more balanced and even toned. I havn't broken out as much, even around that time of the month, and I notice that even when I have sprouted a pimple or two they go away faster and don't really leave behind a dark spot or discoloration.

Bright Repair CBD Eye Cream with 10% Vitamin C

This is the perfect morning eye cream. I love the gel formula and the immediate cooling sensation you feel upon application. The formula is also extremely lightweight and although it is not a claim, I feel as though my eye area is more hydrated. Another imporant factor for me is that it can be used around the entire area and not just under the eyes. I do feel that in a short amount of time that my eyes do look more open and awake.

Not only am I thoroughly impressed with the products I have tried so far, I am also intruiged by the beautiful story behind the brand. The brands namesake derives from the actual Saint Jane de Chantal, who’s mission was healing the women who were forgotten or shunned. Similarly the mission of Saint Janes brand and founder, Casey Georgeson, is to empower women starting with the skin and self love. Each product is sustainably sourced and created to maintain the purity and optimize its performance, to help make women feel their best selves with hopes it will translate and radiate to others.

The brand champions and supports women,  also showing support and bringing to light various organizations that are also dedicated to empowering women, Lipstick Angels, Girls Crushing It, Humble Bloom, and the Loveland Foundation to name a few. 

I am so happy I stumbled upon this brand, and there really is no going back. From A-Z Saint Jane has exceeded my expectations and I will continue to hugely advocate for these amazing products and the brand.

Have you guys tried Saint Jane? What are your thoughts on the brand?

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  1. How gorgeous is this packaging?! I’m all about clean beauty as well now, and can’t believe the ingredients I used to put all over my skin. I haven’t tried CBD yet, but am super intrigued <3

    Green Fashionista

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