Citrico Astoria

Citrico Cafe Astoria

After giving you the rundown on Besito, I figured why not add another addition to the Taco Tuesday series. This time we stopped into Citrico Cafe in Astoria Queens. I love the ambience of this location. It feels very trendy like you’re in some hip restaurant/bar in Tulum and the food is just as trendy with a more tapas like dining experience. The menu is concise and far different than your average taqueria menu, with a focus on unique variations of taco orders and other classic tapas with a twist like the grilled oysters or the cabbage asada.

Here are some of the ones I tried:

Grilled Oysters:
Soy garlic butter, pecorino, crispy garlic

Maybe the crispy garlic was a little too crisp, but it was definitely a unique take on oysters and a pretty tasty bite at that.

Pickled jalapenos, cilantro, onions

A must order. I love the picked jalapeno that was added. It sets it apart and elevates it from most of the other guacamoles out there.

Baja Fish
Fresh Yellow Tortilla, Beer-battered Mahi Mahi, Chipotle Crema, Pico Cherry Tomatoes, Guac, Cabbage

The taco menu definitely interests me and it was hard to narrow down but I went with the Baja Fish and Filet Mignon. They were good. I don’t have too long of a rant as they weren’t the best tacos I have ever had in my life but also don’t have any complaints on them either. Solid in taste and pretty filling as well.

Filet Mignon Asada
Fresh Corn Tortilla, Charcoal Grilled Filet, Pinto Beans, Melted Jack Cheese, Salsa Ranchera

Now this drink is definitely one that deserves a rant about how much I love it. It was absolutely delicious and was light like drinking a juice but still boozy. A little spicy but perfectly balanced. It was an 11/10.

Cool Spicy Margarita
Infused jalapeno tequila, lime, curacao, agave, cucumber

Citrico Website

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