Estee Lauder Product Review: Bronze Goddess Palette and More

I have to say, throughout this pandemic, makeup has not been a high priority of mine. I haven’t been THAT up to date on many new releases or have been experimenting much.  However, pre-covid I did do a little duty free shopping and picked up these products from Estee Lauder. After playing around with them here and there, and especially now as things begin to open up and I get out a little more, I have been able to give these products a good test. I never really tried out much from Estee Lauder before now, but I have come to realize that this is such a great line and I am definitely interested in trying out more.

Bronze Goddess Desert Heat Palette

This is such a great palette for the summer, and even fall and spring. As expected by the name "desert heat", this palette obviously leans towards warmer tones and bronzes, but realistically that is what most of us wear on a day to day basis anyway. The pigmentation is great and the blendablity is amazing. The palette is such great quality, you would really have to try hard to not end up with a good look. The colors are straight-forward, so you don't have to think too hard of which combinations to put together. It all works harmoniously and is versitle for day and night.

If you're a beginner, or not really into make-up, this is a great palette to have. I think is is also great for travel as you can create a lot of different looks (neutral and with pops of color, daytime and smoky), with a very small and compact palette. I also use that center shade as a blush, so it works out as a two in one. The only thing I will say is that sometimes the lighter browns in the palette lean a little peachy, but it's definitely not a problem especially once you know what you are getting into. The colors still work and blend with the rest of the palette.

One other note is that the packaging is stunning and very luxe. The Bronze Goddess Collection is throughout the Estee Lauder line including a very well known and loved bronzer and illuminator. I believe the eyeshadow palette they offer under the line changes every year. Although this Desert Heat palette was limited addition, it is still available for now (shopping links here and below). This years Bronze Goddess Palette, Goddess Azur, also looks beautiful and with such unique colors to choose from. I definitely plan on getting my hands on it and also included a link for it below so you guys can check it out too. I also included other warm tone palettes that will give you similar looks, should this Desert Heat palette become unavailable.

Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

I think that this is an overall great mascara. It has a little bit of everything. I really like the length it gives and it adds some volume, although there are definitely some better choices for mascara in that department. I also love and prefer the natural fiber wand this has but be warned it is huge and can get a little messy if you are not careful.

Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeline in Espresso

I love a brown eyeliner for more day to day looks. This one has such a rich, deep pigment and smudges out really nicely on the upper lash line. It is a little on the stiffer side and is not the creamiest going on the water line, but also not the worst. There are a bunch of shades, your basic black/ browns of course, and also some deeper subdued colors to change up your looks.

Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer 24H Concealer + Hydra Prep

Such an underrated concealer! Everyone goes crazy over the double wear concealer but I actually really enjoy this concealer and the primer that goes with it. I do have dry skin/ under-eyes and I find that this doesn't emphasize it and is very lightweight so it doesn't look cakey. I especially love it on lighter makeup days, although it doesn't look ridiculous with a full glam look too.

So have you guys tried any of these products? Are there any products from Estee Lauder that are staples in your collection? Let me know your favorites and thoughts!

Also if you’re interested in seeing some step by step makeup looks using the palette and these other products in action, leave that in the comments too. 




36 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Product Review: Bronze Goddess Palette and More

  1. That desert palette is amazing! I really want to try that concealer. It looks like it’ll look great on the skin. I’m really interested in these releases. They’ll be great for summer or just to have!
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I have been getting so much use out of all of them! Both the palette and concealer are such great products and I highly recommend. Hope you have a great weekend also! ❤️💜

    1. Thank you!❤️ I never did either before these products but it is so worth it! I definitely want to try more too

  2. That’s such a pretty palette! I love the sultry colors—perfect for summer! I believe I only have one eye shadow from Estee Lauder. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases and I hope you have a great week ahead, babe!


    1. Thanks Jalisa ❤️❤️ Hope you had a great one also!
      Which eyeshadow is it.. from what I can tell from this palette the quality is so great you can’t go wrong!

    1. Definitely want to try the rest of the line! Pretty much all of these products so far have become go-tos

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