Fenty Beauty: Product run through and whats worth it

Once again, fashion and beauty connected itself in my mind when I was thinking about what to write about for todays post. As mentioned yesterday, Rihanna just launched her new luxury Fenty line with LVMH, a reveal that has been seemingly under wraps for quite some time. However, Fenty Beauty is not one of those low key secrets and many of the products have become staples in the routines of celebrities, beauty gurus, and the average Jane alike. With a huge emphasis on inclusivity, Fenty has tons of products and shades in their line, many of them hits.

As a newer blogger, I don’t receive PR from Fenty, and don’t really have the budget to purchase the ENTIRE collection. However here are some product reviews and try ons, what I think is worth the splurge, and a list of other products that receive lots of internet hype that you might want to check out.

So for me the standout/ must purchase products are the lip products. I LOVE, as in will continue to repurchase again and again, the Fenty Gloss bomb. The color I have and am obsessed with is in Fenty Glow but there are also two more shades to check out. I think that it is such a great, shiny but not sticky formula that you can wear on its own or over other lipsticks. It’s not the longest lasting lipgloss I own but it definitely looks juicy while it is on.

Other well loved products are the Stunna Liquid Lips. There are tons of shades to chose from, probably the most popular being that gorgeous red shade in Uncensored. While I do love it (really and truly), I think that it is such a perfect red color, I don’t think they are very beginner friendly (at least in this shade). It definitely has a more watery consistency and can move around a lot until it sets, which even then is not completely transfer proof. Besides the beautiful rich color, the formula is also super comfortable, I always forget I am wearing it.

I think the most underrated star probably in the whole Fenty line are the regular matte lipsticks. The pigmentation is amazing, the application is so smooth and it is so comfortable to wear for hours. I don’t notice myself having to reapply and the color remains so rich throughout the day. I haven’t tried every color, and what I do have were samples in a holiday kit, but I am obsessed. They go on feeling like a soft powder, even though they are a lipstick. My favorite color so far is Spanked which is also one of the most unique colors in my lipstick collection. The other shade I have is called Griselda which is also gorgeous.

The highlighter I have is Hu$tla Baby. This is another great product from Fenty and can be worn for a subtle glow but is easily layerable for more of a standout highlight. It is more of a true gold than a champagne and definitely has visible glitter chunks but nothing unwearable. They come in these duos and there are so many shades to choose from. I think one of the duos would be a good way to go as you get to try two different formulas, one more subtle and one with more of an impact.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer and Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

So the base products are something that I have been struggling to make a decision on. My skin type is pretty normal, can be oily, but definitely steers towards the dry side. I am also acne prone. The first couple times trying out this primer and foundation combo I didn’t think it was for me. I felt as though it was heavy and looked cakey on my dryer skin. When I tried them out again for this post, I was pleasantly surprised, but again some days were better than others.

The primer did feel really nice (smooth and silky) when applying it to my skin. I would be interested to try it with other foundations that I know compliment my skin better. As for the foundation, for me at least, I think the trick is using the tiniest amount, dotting it on my face first, and then blending it in with a Morphe E56 or a Sephora PRO Flawless Airbrush 56.5, which is as close of a brush as I have to the Fenty foundation brush. It definitely wasn’t as full coverage as the foundation intends but it did give enough and evened me out for a nice matte finish that wasn’t TOO much.

Personally, the only match stick I have tried was the contour shade in Mocha. It definitely is stiffer so you need a dense brush (also used the Morphe E56) to blend it out however I do really it. I think that it does a nice job and because it’s not so creamy is stays in place and holds the look of a real natural shadow. As far as the more concealer type shades, I would use your own judgement with your own skin types. I imagine if the formula was similar to the contour shade that it would be too cakey and stiff of a product to work with on my dryer skin type. I am still really interested in trying a blush shade or the shimmer bronzer stick and think that they would be great additions for a summer makeup routine.

Product Try On

Here are a couple images with the lip color swatches and base products on my face. Note I only used the contour stick on the image with the red lip.

Pro Filtr Primer, and Pro Filtr Foundation in shades 150 and 220 mixed. Match Stick in Mocha for Contour, Hu$la Baby Highlighter, Uncensored Lipstick

Pro Filtr Primer, and Pro Filtr Foundation in shades 150 and 220 mixed. Hu$la Baby Highlighter. Mattmioselle Lipstick in shade Griselda

Pro Filtr Primer, and Pro Filtr Foundation in shades 150 and 220 mixed. Hu$la Baby Highlighter. Mattmioselle Lipstick in shade Spanked.

Pro Filtr Primer, and Pro Filtr Foundation in shades 150 and 220 mixed. Hu$la Baby Highlighter. Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow (on its own)
Pro Filtr Primer, and Pro Filtr Foundation in shades 150 and 220 mixed. Hu$la Baby Highlighter. Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow (with Jordana lipliner in shade Tawny)

Some products I have not tried, But get lots of internet love

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2 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty: Product run through and whats worth it

  1. Oh, this was such an informative review! I have always wanted to explore the Fenty Beauty line of cosmetics and have only been able to acquire the Hustla Baby highlighter. The lipsticks and the Diamond highlighter look like a must have to me, will be sure to check them out! Thanks for sharing, and do check out my blog as well! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! ☺️ Yes I think the lipsticks are so worth it, and I’m also interested in the Diamond highlighter! I hear that its great for the more putty glossy look. If I get my hands on it I will be sure to post an update! Would love to check out your site, Hope you have a great day as well!

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