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Petralona is one of the oldest “towns” in Athens. Old buildings, narrow streets, and now up and coming restaurants and some bars. Our experience at Lemonanthos was superb. It started out when we asked for a table outside. There were none available at the time, however the kind server pulled a table from inside and put it on the street just so we can sit outside with our waters till another table became available. The service was excellent with such a friendly wait staff, and the food was also amazing.

We had a mushroom risotto which was so flavorful, creamy and overall excellent on all counts. We also had a delicious eggplant dish baked with different cheeses, Tyrokafteri which is a spicy cheese dip that you can never go wrong with, and Pappous salad (Mixed greens, tomatoes, cheese). We loved it all. For a traditional experience, order some Tsipuro 😉

This taverna is a pretty typical and authentic Greek spot. I highly highly recommend it.


Burger Joint

Glyfada is one of the hippest and trendiest areas of Athens. So many well dressed people with tons of options for food and drinks. One of the more casual go-tos for locals is Burger Joint. Their all black uniforms are adorable with a buffalo checker flannel tied around their waists. Another friendly wait staff and some great food.

I had The Duke Burger: Fontina, brie, double bacon, onion rings & Truffle mayo. So rich and delicious. The truffle mayo was definitely the stand out. Also what really impressed me were the salads. Definitely be sure to try the Tampa Salad: Mixed salad, orange slices, cherry tomatoes, dry cheese, black sesame seeds, crouton & orange vinaigrette, as well as the Watermelon Salad: iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, amazing little fried cheese balls, and balsamic vinaigrette. The mozzarella sticks are also a great go to and I love the onion rings with the BBQ sauce they are served with. For a great cocktail in the summer try the Dark Flower. I was not disappointed. Do not skip dessert!!! The Beast was a hit — warm brownies topped with ice cream and cookie crumbles, as well as the Snickers Cheesecake and the NY Cheesecake.


Laos and Kalamaki (multiple locations)

Throughout Athens and all of Greece you will find so many souvlaki shops. We ordered in from Laos and Kalamaki. Granted this was my first sandwich of the summer, however these are EXCEPTIONAL. The spice on my pork souvlaki sandwich was such a standout. Two thumbs up for the pork souvlaki sandwich I had (Everything on it).


Rayen just opened this summer and is definitely the trendier side of Mexican cuisine and restaurant ambience. It is a nice choice if you are are looking to take a break from Greek food. The decor is beautiful and I enjoyed the background music although it is a little loud, so not really suitable for a family dinner with the old timers or date night where you are looking to get to know someone. My main entree was the Shrimp Tacos. They were extremely light and as you can see was more tortilla than filling. However I found them to be nicely flavorful. I also tried the Shredded Pork Tacos (not pictured) which were also definitely tasty and more bang for your buck. The pork skewer is basic but has some great spices on it. A safe bet but surely satisfying.


Riviera Coast / Vive Mar

Vive Mar is such a gorgeous spot. Right on the water with beautiful and trendy decor, great and attentive service, and amazing food. It is such a see and be seen type of place.

We ordered some appetizers to start. We had a mixed cheese platter however it was warm and fried, served with an amazing sweet marmalade. We also had roasted vegetables with a yogurt sauce. Another great choice. For my main, I chose the mushroom and truffle risotto. Absolutely delicious.


Pork Souvlaki (Kalamaki) Skepasti

Just when you think a souvlaki pita was already perfected, they added gouda and panini pressed it. This sandwich is phenomenal and I do not leave Greece without eating one. The Greek salad is also a perfect compliment.



Kuzina is another trendier version of Greek cuisine but another hit in my book. As with many other restaurants in Plaka and the Monaistiraki area, it tends to be very crowded however the food is great and you have a great view of the Acropolis while dining. Definitely check out the Tarazza, where you will be unbothered by the street traffic and left only with the view. A regret on my part we didnt make it up there. Live and learn.

We ordered the salad with ksinotiri. We also had the fried zucchini balls, Pork tenderloin taco style, and the Handmade “striftaria” pasta with cherry tomatoes, traditional “ksinotiri” cheese, garlic, feta cheese, handmade croutons & garlic chips (my favorite thing on the menu).

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