Fresh Spring Makeup Look For A Cause: Thrive Causemetics

Don’t you love when beauty brands have a message beyond just looking pretty on the outside? Better yet, don’t you love when brands represent a great cause, AND are overall phenomenal products. 

My go-to most confident makeup looks were always the ones that were full glam dark smokey eyes and full coverage. One little purchase from Thrive starting with the Brilliant Eye Brightener Sticks changed my entire makeup game, and my confidence level. This makeup look you see has more or less been my go-to (or only) makeup I have put on since purchasing these products. See down below for a little review of what I have tried so far, and a step by step on how to achieve this look, which is quite possibly the easiest one I have ever done.

Thrives Mission

Thrive Causemetics is another one of those brands who’s mission truly hits home for me. The brand aims to empower women and to help them thrive. For every product purchased one is donated to help a woman in need be it to those battling cancer, dealing with domestic abuse, emerging from homelessness or are veterans. Thrive has partners with tons of non-profits and donates to their needs be it through products or funds.

Thrive’s products are also vegan, 100% cruelty free, free of parabens and sulfates, sourced with skin loving ingredients AND developed directly at the Thrive Causmetics Lab In Los Angeles.

Lip Filler Lip Liner

These liners are excellent. They are super creamy, so much so you can glide it all over your lips like a lipstick. However you definitely still get precise lines and the formula doesn't slip around. They also have amazing lasting power. I had the shades Ruth, which is a true peach like that old school famous JLO lip, and Kackie which is a great neutral brown to go with everything.

Same eye look but using the Kackie Liner all over the lips

Brilliant Eye Brightener

I can officially thank this product right here for changing my entire outlook on makeup and what makes me feel good. These eyeshadow sticks all over the lid just look so pretty, fresh, effortless and put together with a single swipe. My eyes look awake, glossy, and no matter what the look is never over the top. The colors I have are Aurora and Emma which are are both so natural and perfect for every day. Aurora especially, gives me the feels. While the swatch looks a little glittery, it just gives you that next level wet look on the lids. With this product, you simply swipe it on directly and there is barely any blending involved. I may or may not occasionally throw a crease shade in and definitely no eye primer is needed. It is so easy, looks amazing, and lasts all day. They are also great products to accent whatever other looks you are doing as brow bone and inner corner highlights.



  1. Swipe Emma all over the lid and lightly blend out with your finger.
  2. Add Aurora to brow bone and inner corner and blend out if needed with your finger.
  3. For more definition use a neutral, taupe brown eyeshadow or bronzer and add into the crease.
  4. Add Mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
  5. If you want a little more definition on your lash line (as in the photo) I added a dark chocolate brown shadow with a flat brush lightly on the lash line.
  6. I used the Milk makeup Kush brow gel.
  1. I primed using the Belif moisturizer and the Becca Backlight priming filter (or any glowy primer).
  2. I used the Stellar Beauty Limitless Foundation and applied with a Sephora pro foundation brush. Any hydrating or dewey foundation would be great to really hit home that fresh Spring look.
  3. I used the Estee Lauder Hydra Prep 24 hour dual ended concealer. I used both the priming side and a dap of concealer under each eye.
  4. I set it a but with the Becca Pink Haze soft light blurring powder.
  5. I used the my Lily Lolo bronzer just to add some contour and definition under the cheek bones (not necessarily to bronze because my foundation shade was a little dark anyway).
  6. I used a peachy blush in to the apples of my cheeks swiping back toward brow bone. If you have a cream blush it will definitely add to the fresh vibe of the makeup look.
  7. I used the Cover FX highlighter in sunlight on the high points of the face.
  1. The lip combo I used was the Thrive Causmetics liner in Ruth and filled in my lips with it also.
  2. Then I topped it off with the Marc Jacobs gloss in the shade Pretty Thing.

Our Non Profit Organization

I don’t usually get too personal here especially in regards to family, but when I said Thrive hits home, I meant it. About two years ago, my aunt passed away to ovarian cancer. I remember during her fight she had discovered Thrive, and supported it because it gave back to cancer patients AND they were products she could actually use with clean ingredients. Thrive is one of those brands that I will always hold dear and the fact that the products are simply incredible is just a bonus. 

In addition, I wanted to make you all aware of the non-profit my family and I have created in her honor, Omorfi Eleni. When my aunt, Eleni, was diagnosed, we also found out that she had the BRCA gene (what Angelina Jolie made famous). Because of her illness, it triggered others in our family to get tested and therefore SAVED THE LIVES of more people close to me. 

These tests are expensive however, and if you don’t already know of the gene running in your family (and even then) well, you’re shit out of luck. Omorfi Eleni’s mission is to raise funds to for genetic testing and for ovarian cancer research, making it accessible to all women and all families.

If you’d like to donate you can visit our website linked. Also please feel free to reach out should you want more information about the organization. Not to make the topic heavier or be  a downer on the site, but if this is something you guys resonate with and want more of from me, definitely let me know as well.

Also be sure to let me know your thoughts on the Thrive products, if you have tried them and what your favorites are!

Also be sure to let me know your thoughts on the Thrive products, if you have tried them and what your favorites are!

To check out more on Thrive Causmetics and these products click here.

Shop the rest of the products from this tutorial down below

20 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Makeup Look For A Cause: Thrive Causemetics

  1. Love the story and mission behind Thrive! You look stunning with this look, my friend. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am so very sorry for the loss of your Aunt, that is devastating. It’s so wonderful that you and your family started a non-profit as well as got tested for the gene. That’s so proactive and incredibly helpful to other women with the non-profit. Kudos to you and your sweet family!

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Thank you so much Ashley, for your sweet words and for taking the time to read through.
      We do the best we can and hope it helps others also. Again, we really appreciate it.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Loving this overall makeup look – looks so fresh and pretty! Loving the sound of Thrive too, this sounds like such a great cause! I’m sorry to hear about your aunt too, that’s really amazing that you guys are doing that in her honor!

    Life is a Shoe

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