Gift Guide: Small Businesses and Artisans

There is nothing I love and appreciate more than people who do something with passion, care, and love for their trade. I have immense respect for small businesses. Many of these businesses have such beautiful and inspiring stories. These artisanal handmade products are usually made in small batches, and are definitely unique with special qualities outside of the mainstream market. The ones included in this line up are also all made in the US. While all of us have definitely felt the affects of COVID in our lives, unfortunately this pandemic has taken a great toll on business, especially the little guys. Now more than ever it is important to shop small and show support to those small businesses that work so hard and deserve the recognition and help.

Wax Buffalo

Scents that trigger beautiful memories, the mission of Wax Buffalo is to bring a little bit of this magic through their “beautifully imperfect” candles. A woman owned business, all products are made in small batches, hand poured, and made of pure soy wax and clean burning cotton wicks. Be transported with their new holiday scents such as Winters Eve, Warm Ginger, Cinnamon and Clove, and Evergreen. Always be sure to check back for the scent of the month. This months scent is Peppermint. They also have their adorable cocktail collection in reusable whisky tumblers which are especially great for gifting! Scents here include: Whiskey, Pink Prosecco, Lemon tonic, Mojito, and more! Set the mood, relax, and enjoy.


A jewelry company that supports other women in their times of triumph and hardship. As appropriate as their name Luna (the moon) and all its phases, there are tons of personalized gifts for your loved ones and all the phases of their life. There is definitely something in these collections that will prove meaningful to you.

Brendy’s Art

Gorgeous made to order, handmade, high fired, stoneware pottery. A beautiful and artistic addition to add to your home decor that speaks for itself.

Threads Made Cozy

Custom crochet items for men, women. and children. Lot’s of adorable hats, scarves, and baby blankets available that are very cozy, practical, and fashionable.

Twin Oak Farms MD

A nearly 75 year old family business serving up delicious and homemade jams, salsas, relish and more! There are tons of flavors and options to choose from, making for a thoughtful and delicious gift idea for yourself and others.

Mind Over Lather

A passion for yoga and chemical engineering lead to the birth of Mind Over Lather. All soaps are handmade from all natural vegan ingredients and there is a huge variety of unique scents. Not to mention that these products are beautiful to look at! Custom orders are also available.

Voss Botanicals

Natural, organic, and plant-based remedies for a healthier lifestyle, each product is without chemicals, fillers, or synthetics and never tested on animals. These gift boxes of bath products are great for those seeking a little self care and there are options that target so many needs.

Tremundo Journals

Handmade journals and artwork inspired by nature and the beautiful things that life has to offer. The motto here is to take joy in the little things. These original journals are perfect for travel, retirement, anniversaries, graduations, and personal journeys. Now is a perfect time to implement these creative habits as we approach a new year, and do it in style.

JnL Naturals

With a belief in healthy living and the natural healing powers of simple ingredients doing what they do best, all products are vegan, eco-friendly, biodegradable, zero waste. Good for your skin and the environment. They also have a very large range of products targeting various concerns for your hair, skin, and body.

Azul Craft

Completely personalized and customizable cutting boards of the highest quality. A beautiful gift that you know will get tons of use and will last forever. An especially great idea for newlyweds or first time home owners.

Saly Limon USA

Handcrafted by various indigenous tribes and artisans whose trade has been passed down for generations. Each purchase goes towards supporting them. It is truly piece of artwork that is functional and can be used in your day to day life.

Urban Artisan Boutique

100% woman owned and handmade in an old 19th century workshop in Philidelphia, each bag is unique and of the finest quality leather. These gorgeous and fashionable items will carry you through every season and have the look of many high end pieces on the market, except with the added bonus of being completely one of a kind. Custom orders and requests are also available.

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