Grand Cafe Astoria Receives A Food Upgrade

The Grand Cafe Astoria

Grand is definitely a “scene” in Astoria but is spot that hasn’t always been synonymous with good food for me. This place get’s packed with people has hosts nights that include DJs and more of party scene. The ambiance is definitely appropriate for that vibe as well.

The drinks have always been solid but food wise… let’s just say the easiest comparison was a frozen chicken tender that you’d get at your local public pool. However, lately I have noticed a major step up. Dare I say some things are the menu are even excellent.

Heres the Food Rundown:

Petal Me Home
Gin, mastiha, lemon, rose petal, hibiscus syrup

The grilled halloumi special was definitely worth it. On one hand halloumi is a delicious cheese but it can become rubbery if not prepared properly. This one was grilled to perfection to achieve that good consistency.

Grilled Haloumi Starter
pico de gallo, tomato , cucumber, balsamic glaze
Quinoa Salad
Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, strawberry, cucumber, almonds, basic balsamic vinaigrette

The quinoa salad was also a delicious options. It’s a great change up to the typical options out there.

The stuffed avocado was also a favorite of mine that I tried. The portion was substanital and it was satisfying in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling gross and needing to unbutton your pants.

Stuffed Avacado: Tomato, cucumbet, arugula, pickled red opinion, balsamic glaze – chicken
Mac & Cheese Balls with Truffled cheese sauce

Mac and Cheese Bites. These are a must. In my opinion it was my favorite bite of the day. Tasty and well executed.

The specials were good. Not the best in there categories- I have had better mushroom risotto and carbonara, however I have no specific complaints on these dishes. They were a solid order.

Bucatini Carbonara
Poached egg, bacon, black pepper

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